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  • by jfunk (1301) on Thursday February 15 2001, @10:43PM (#195) Homepage

    I've been using Wikis for everything lately. I format something like I would a text file or usenet post, and it intelligently becomes HTML.

    Some examples:

    • Lists: If I prepend a bunch of lines with '-' characters it will be translated to an unordered list. I can get an ordered list by simply using numbers
    • URLs: If I type a URL, it will be clickable
    • Italics, etc: *This* will be italicized, **this** will be bolded, 'this' will appear in monospace (useful for commands, etc), and _this_ will be underlined
    • There's probably some other cool things, but I don't know them yet

    This makes it **so** much easier to format a post and greatly reduces the chance that someone forgets to close a tag properly. The URL one saves a lot of screwing around as well.

    An interesting addition would be to use "" (double-double quotes) for blockquote. That would make quoting much easier.

    Someone can still use HTML tags, of course. I'm not recommending *removing* any functionality.



    Jimmie Funk, Doctor of Soul