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  • by philipdl71 (5859) on Wednesday March 24 2004, @03:43PM (#6205)
    This webpage [] suggests nothing less than a Pentium-II/200 and 256mb of ram in order to run Slashdot. It also talks about Slashdot as it existed in 2001. Is this documentation just for Slash 2.2.6? I only ask because the system requirements of the CVS tag [] I am running haven't changed at all.

    I am running Slash CVS tag R_2_3_0_113 on an Athlon 750mhz machine with 256MB of ram. Merely visiting a webpage where gets called shoots up the CPU to 70 or 80% and page loads seem slow. Getting new hardware isn't a major problem. I just want to make sure that I didn't do something dumb which could cause this. Are there any suggestions of how to improve performance or do I just need new hardware?