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  • you're right. unless you pay very good attention to the submitted-list (which shows the UID of the submitter of the post) - and you'd have to know the UID versus the given name on the submittal...
    lottadot []
    • Who has time to check the UID versus the submitted name on a large site? This is a pretty big deficiency in my view. Why is not that more of a problem for
      -- Webmaster
      • Since submissions are moderated by the site editors, there is little chance that someone can get bogus|inflammatory|incriminating stuff posted with your username.

        YASS: []

        • What if it's bogus for you yet still on-topic for the site? Take a moderate-sized site where all the authors may not know all the users. Let's take a user who is normally anti-WidgetCo and submit a story as that person that is a little too pro-WidgetCo. If the authors don't get the connection, the story gets posted and the victim looks like a hypocrite (and probably takes a good amount of ribbing in the comments).

          Mind you, most communities may catch on to the scam, but now the Authors are the ones with


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          • by maol (1592) <> on Tuesday March 05 2002, @03:07PM (#4428) Homepage
            thx, you've said it all. Except that it makes sense to allow people to submit a name even when submitting anonymously. Like "A Foo Bar wrote..." or "MrProper wrote anonymously..."

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