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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Slow, SLOW, SLOW! Talk about BAD ping and transfer rates.

    And are you sure it's Slash and not something else? Doesn't look like slash........

  • ...there's no path around the Shockwave for users without the plug-in.

    You might want to provide one.
    Steve Linberg, Chief Goblin
    Silicon Goblin Technologies []
  • goat (Score:-1, Normal)

    by Anonymous Coward
  • I totally agree. I hate visiting or building sites with splash pages, nevermind Flash only splash pages. Clients ask for them all the time but usually after a bit of discussion they get cut way before the actual coding begins. 'It's kind of insulting to get stuck there and not have a way around. I already type/clicked the url so why do I need to be told I am there before getting to the meat and potatos? - usually works though some people just have to have it.For me, personally, I love Flash it is interesting tech and shows a lot of promise. I just hate to see it used or implemented the way 99% of the sites out there do, especially the ones that feel they need to re-invent the whole concept of site navigation right after clogging the bandwidth with a pointless infomercial...

    (sorry about the rant folks)
  • what a waste of bandwidth man