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  • by DaveHowe (860) <DaveHowe@Hawkswing> on Wednesday June 13 2001, @11:57AM (#2844)
    There are plenty of firms out there trying to make a profit by selling and supporting Open Source Software - some of which even wrote it. Any commerical Linux distro (suse, redhat) would be an example, and Eric describes a company in his famous OSS essays that open sourced its main development product, and still made money being the most experienced developer with it.

    Assume they sold unmodified Slash, with a support contract. what have we lost? people have paid for something that is available free, but taxes on the stupid are hardly new - look at lotteries; once a single copy of the modified code has been sold, that purchaser is free to fold those changes back into the main source tree if he wishes to - or not, as there is no duty on him to do so. the distinction is, Plastic couldn't stop them from doing so
    As I read it, they would be trying to sell consultancy (setting up new plastic-community style sites) and support; the fact that this would involve slashcode may not matter - any suitable base code would do.

    Thorfy compliant Sig :+)