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  • All of that is in there, and as the sysadmin, seeing who moderated what is very, very easy.

    The problem is, unless you give everyone the ability to moderate all the time, not everyone will HAVE mod points - and as a result, only some students will get the ability to moderate, which is highly unfair if grades depend on these marks.

    Conversely, giving everyone the ability to moderate cheapens the value of a mod point, and in some cases, still won't solve the problem - once a comment is as highly rated as poss


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    • The nice thing about slash moderation is that random people are selected to moderate a given comment.

      This means that one can trust the moderation to some extent and even give students marks based on how well their comments have been received by their peers.

      However, it is of course a problem that some students may not have mod points. And losing the ability to post is a serious problem.

      We have actually had major problems getting slash running at all (so I can't comment/play with your proposed solutions

      • BTW, I am thinking of making these lecture preparation discussions completely open for anyone to participate -- not only comp3141 students.

        The whole point after all is to stimulate discussion and help comp3141 students prepare for lecture. Whether or not some of this discussion is done by non-comp3141 students is beside the point. The goal is to present the best discussion possible on an upcoming lecture.

        I'm not sure whether this would have any implications with respect to the moderation. It may be ok

        • I would suggest you setup the site so that all authors have the ability to mod every post. Give all students a security level of 1, and the author flag, thus they can moderate everything, and you'll be able to see on each post who moderated it.

          Non-students can moderate too, but I wouldn't give them auto mod since they don't need it.

          "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender