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  • by standardsman (7120) on Tuesday September 06 2005, @01:45PM (#6260)
    Running the main page of this site through, reveals 8 HTML errors. Even if you switched to HTML 4.01 transitional, you'd still have 4 errors. So you've got some work to do there. When validating the article page itself, there's 9 errors. Valid HTML, will keep you from having CSS issues in some cases. As for the CSS itself, if you run that through a validator (a good one's at [] ), you'll also find you have an error and a couple warnings to deal with. valid code, will keep you from having issues with your design and wasting time by accident. In the future, if you want to change the entire design for a specific holiday or do it permanently, it won't take much to change things without accidentally discovering an issue you need to clean up before a particular design could work.
    • Do you know what a beta release is?
      • Sometimes those validators can be misleading, especially with code generated from dymanic sites. You can also use validators on just the CSS locally, or you can cut and paste the CSS or HTML code into the validator and it can give you warnings, deprecation, and other notes. It's a great place to start though I agree.