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  • by JoeCool (1911) on Monday January 29 2001, @01:26AM (#436)
    There are six steps to installation. Install MySQL. Already installed? OK, install perl. Got it already? Go on to Apache + mod_perl. Already have it, and it is configured properly (with the special build options)? OK, now install the perl modules (just "install Bundle::Slash", and then "install DBIx::Password"). Now unpack the source, do a make/make install. Now install your slash site with ./install-slashsite. For most people, especially those who have already installed a previous slash, this installation is a no-brainer.

    Holy Cow, I wish it were that easy. I've spent the last 3 full days trying to PREPARE my Slackware system to handle Slash (I haven't even gotten to the serious Slash setup stuff yet... about 3/4 the way through step 11 of 17).

    MySQL install problems (mysql install directions said one thing, but Slash install instructions assumed a different course of action (set root password)), installing apache + mod_perl (this was a total dog.. spent half a day on this step alone. Of course, I also install PHP, but that didn't take much extra time), and a busted CPAN usage all amounted to huge amounts of time that could better have been spent trying to understand Slash. Instead, I'm spending my time typing ./configure this, make that, make install this, perl Makefile.PL, and watching the text just scroll.

    Easy? Heck No. Wish it were? Heck yeah. (Not to mention that you have to be root to do a chunk of this... there goes anyone not using dedicated servers).