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  • by jwachter (3210) on Tuesday August 12 2003, @12:32PM (#6110)
    For those of you who haven't been following the issue of how to get slash running on OS X, various Slashcode posters have been asking how to get it done for roughly 2 or 3 years now (essentially since the first preview of OS X was released). For the past year, a conflict between Apache::Cookie and Apache::Request on OS X has been the last obstacle to getting this done.

    If anyone has put off a Mac purchase because of this, aren't you glad you waited? Now you can get a G5 to run your site on (as if you need that much power)...

  • by ericdano (1000) on Wednesday August 13 2003, @02:10PM (#6112) Homepage Journal
    Why even waste a Mac running slash? I'd would go get some cheap ass Pentium or Althon computer, slap FreeBSD or Linux on it, and run slash. I'd use the Mac for REAL things like web browsing, etc, etc......

    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
    • Re:Why? by pudge (Score:2) Wednesday August 13 2003, @03:33PM
  • by pudge (6) on Friday August 15 2003, @03:17PM (#6115) Homepage
    I am adding this to runtask, in parse_slash_sites():
    -     if ( $uid != $orig_euid or $gid != $orig_egid ) {
    +     # Mac OS X likes to have signed UIDs, so e.g. user
    +     # nobody will get UID 4294967294 from the system,
    +     # but $> will be -2.  fun fun fun!  but getpwuid(-2)
    +     # will give us 4294967294, so let's get it that way. -- pudge
    +     my($c_name, $c_pass, $c_uid, $c_gid) = getpwuid($uid);
    +     if ( $uid != $c_uid || $gid != $c_gid ) {
  • by pudge (6) on Tuesday August 19 2003, @03:13PM (#6120) Homepage
    INSTALL.MacOSX in libapreq will have the note about not stripping (patch is in CVS now), and as I understand it, a patch for mod_perl's Makefile.PL will make it automatic that this bit is added when you build Apache via mod_perl.