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  • I bought the book. First off, it's expensive. For that price, I really expected a little more. Like, how about a section on backing up the database? Or perhaps backup strategies. More on how to tweak the look? Something. It seemed a little sparse for the person who's been running a slash site but still can't figure out some of the things happening within the code.

    It also makes references to different themes yet slash comes with just one theme. Thats annoying. I'd also like to see more on the Templates.

    I thought it was great that there are finally a list and description of all those variables that you can configure on the site. I got stuff out of the book, but I really wanted so much more.


    It's either on the beat or off the beat, it's that easy.
    • by chromatic (177) on Friday February 08 2002, @03:52PM (#4193) Homepage
      I agree with you. For someone who's able to install and to administer a Slash 2.x site on his own, there's not a lot of new stuff in the book. I'm glad we put in the advanced stuff, but you're dead right. The target audience isn't really the people who are going to contribute regular patches to Slashcode.

      Hopefully there's enough there to appeal to current advanced users, but time will tell.