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  • I'm currently in the process of deploying a new slashsite running 2.2.6. I was wondering if I should upgrade to CVS or not. What are the benefits of doing so? Is 2.2.6 secure or are their known security problems with it? Also I understand that the slashcode people don't have time to support upgrading to CVS from 2.2.6 but are there any major differences that require things like database schema modifications, etc.? New variables perhaps?
    • by jamiemccarthy (414) on Tuesday February 03 2004, @10:13AM (#6168) Homepage
      The INSTALL file says:

      To upgrade from 2.2.x to the CVS tree, you will need to follow the instructions in the sql/mysql/upgrades file. At the moment, these are just SQL commands you will need to issue, but read carefully because you may have to use judgement and issue command-line commands and so on. (We are working on a tool to automate this process.) Once you are upgraded to, or have installed, a given CVS tag, upgrading to later CVS tags is simply a matter of following along in that file -- we append as we go, and each T_* tag is clearly marked.

      We don't yet have time to support upgrading from 2.2.6 but like it says, we're working on that automated tool that will speed the process. Yes, there are schema changes and new variables as you've found, and those take a lot of the time.

      But if you are working on a new slashsite, we would strongly recommend just starting with the latest R_ tag in CVS. "R" means "release candidate" (or "recommended" :) and by sticking with those you'll stay as stable as you're going to get in CVS.

      At the moment, there are no known security problems in the latest CVS. We fix them as soon as we learn about them, of course. And we have an internal policy of no known security issues in the latest R_ tag (if we find one in that old code, we will either retag the fix into it, or issue a new R_ tag release from recent code).

      The main benefit of upgrading from 2.2.6 to CVS is that you won't get left behind on all the cool new advances we're working on.