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  • by robd (1906) on Wednesday March 07 2001, @12:40PM (#2043) Homepage
    I've done a bit of re-working and by adding the following I was able to have the block 'shell' go to the left hand side of my SlashSite, go check it out sometime at

    Here's the code I hacked out:

    sub getSectionMenu {
                    my $menu = getblock('sectionindex_html1');

                    # the reason this is three calls is that sectionindex regularly is
                    # updated by portald, so it's a more dynamic block
                    $menu .= getblock('sectionindex');
                    $menu .= getblock('sectionindex_html2');

                    my $org_code = getEvalBlock('organisation');
                    my $execme = prepEvalBlock($org_code);

                    eval $execme;

                    my $shell_code = getEvalBlock('shell');
                    my $execshellme = prepEvalBlock($shell_code);

                    eval $execshellme;

                    if ($@) {
                                    $menu .= "\n\n\n\n";

                    return $menu;

    I just simply added the part shown below to that block:

    my $shell_code = getEvalBlock('shell');
    my $execshellme = prepEvalBlock($shell_code);

    eval $execshellme;