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  • by snuffub (1713) on Sunday January 21 2001, @01:49PM (#428) Homepage
    ok.. my last post on this topic i promise.

    after reading your last response I think that the problem is that im not clearly explaining what I think slashcode has the potential to become.
    I see web pages in a similar light that computers were back in their early days they came in two forms, Big corperations had them, and techie hobbiests had them. Now in 2001 its getting to the point where everyone has one, including those people who are technologicaly inept. This is because computers provide services which the average person wants to take advantage of and the learning curve has been lowered to the point that they are willing to learn how to use them. Now the same thing could be said for web sites. A lot of people would want to be able to distribute rapidly updated information to a group whether that be their co-workers, or their extended family. The two obstacles that stand in the way of this are cost and difficulty. if you hire someone to run the site for you its easy, but expensive. If you do it yourself its relatively cheap but too difficult for the average person.

    Since i dont think its possible to brign the price of someone else running a slashsite for you down to a managable level, the only way to accomplish my goal is to make the instalation/upkeep of a slashsite simple.

    now before you laugh at me I realise that this is somewhat unrealistic. Seeing as the programers who would have to do the work to see this happen would not recieve any benefit from it. But the fact is eventualy someone is going to do this, and when it happens itll probably be some giant MS like company and itll be based on Windows. Id rather see slash/linux be the software of choice for the future personal web site. Because itll be te addition and simplification of features like this that could bring linux into the mainstream.