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  • by Nastard (1588) on Thursday May 02 2002, @04:09AM (#4782)
    Not that I need to know, but the general public might be interested:
    • How much bandwidth do you offer? Are there restrictions/limits?
    • Where is/are your server(s) located?
    • Are there any kinds of content you disallow?
    • How stable is/are your server(s)? What kind of hardware are we talking?
    • Are other features (POP3 email, etc) included?
    • Do you allow shell access for on-the-fly file manipulation?
    • What kind of technical support do you offer?
    And by the way, let me know if you ever offer colocation :)
    • Well, I can answer some of these really quick:

      Any kinds of content you disallow?

      None that I know of, besides the obvious. (I.E. kiddie porn, etc.)

      Other Features (POP)?

      POP access is provided. Additional POP accounts may be set up at will.

      Shell access

      Full shell. (SSH access only)

      Technical support

      I'm one of the support channels, and there are others. Tech support via email is most common. I'll help new customers with the initial and ongoing setup of slash sites. I generally hand the customer a blank, functioning site; though I can help with other setup, such as graphics, account administration, etc.

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    • The server is hosted with johncompanies [] at their So Cal facility.

      Bandwidth is negotable, but generally we do not charge as long as we don't exceed 40gb of traffic a month. Currently, the 10 or so sites we host use about 3gb.

      As mentioned, no kiddie porn. You have complete control over your site, and as long as your content isn't going to get me arrested, you can but what ever you want on your site. :-)

      Server stability is not an issue - we use FreeBSD for security and stability, and the machine we're on is


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