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Plugins and Themes: Problems Installing the Blob Plugin?

posted by Cliff on 07:40 AM March 2nd, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
Has anyone else had problems with installing the Blob plugin? I installed the plugin without problems, but on trying to access, it failed. The log suggests that the version of Bundle::Slash is out of date. Updating Bundle::Slash goes okay until it gets to the Apache::Test module when it fails. Any advice gratefully received! Thanks.

Ask SlashCode: Is Postgres Support Dead?

posted by Cliff on 12:30 PM March 1st, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
A not-so Anonymous reader would like to know about the following: "I really would like to have an offical statement about postgres support. The FreeBSD port states 'PostgreSQL support is already well on its way.' The last statement on Slashcode states that 'its going nowhere'. Is this offical? I use Postgres and only use Mysql for Slashcode." The Postgres module lies untouched, and has been that way for a real long time, therefore I think it might be safe to assume that no direct support from the core developers is expected. I can see why they may not have the time, being as they have several sites like Slashdot, NewsForge, and others that need their love and care. It should be mentioned however, that Slash is still Open Source Software, so if someone wants to revive work on the module, please feel free. Remember, if you want help, there's always the Slashcode-Development Mailing List, and a legion of Slashcode developers who might be interested in testing and/or writing code! So is Postgres support dead? I leave the answer to that question up to you.

Ask SlashCode: Sticky Stories and Posts in Cronological Order?

posted by Cliff on 11:38 AM February 29th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
"Is there away (aside modifying the code) to post stories in chronological order (as opposed to reverse chronological order). The oldest being on the top and newest at the bottom? Or better yet is there a way to keep a few key stories at the top and post new ones below?"

Slash: Slash with Mac OS X 10.3

posted by Cliff on 02:34 PM February 28th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
The ever prolific tf23 points out: "Lottadot has an article about getting Slash and Mac OS X 10.3 up and running." There was a previous story on Installing Slash with the previous Mac OS X release. Those interested in installing it on their Desktop Macs (or PowerBooks) might be interested in giving them a look.

YASS: More YASS Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

posted by Cliff on 02:50 PM February 27th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
After being on hiatus for about two months, we're now returning you to your regularly scheduled dose of new Slash sites. Prepare for Slash Site overload as we've got quite the backlog, not to mention cobwebs, to clear out. Read on, and welcome the newest members of our small but growing weblog community.
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