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Slash: Latin Characters in Slash?

posted by Cliff on 02:55 PM February 21st, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
latin-1 asks: "Hi, I run a Portuguese Slash site. So far, I have been unable to get Portuguese characters, like '&aacute', 'õ', right in the site. I'm using charset ISO-8859-1 in Slash. When I submit a story with words with Portuguese characters, they get mangled. This shouldn't be happening, especially since MySQL is Latin-1. If I go to MySQL and replaced the mangled characters with the right ones, then they appear correctly in the site. It seems that somehow, something is converting the Portuguese characters to mangled ones before they enter in MySQL. What can it be and how to solve this problem? You can go to the site and post anonymously to test. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm running Red Hat 9 and Slash 2.2.6. Thank you for your time and patience." First off, making sure you are using the right input and output character encodings is important. For those of you with working Slash sites with non-English characters, what did you have to do to get things to display and input properly, without character mangling? Have you been finding that, even with the right encodings, Slash is still mangling your characters? If so, what experiences have you had?

Ask SlashCode: Dealing with Formkey Problems?

posted by Cliff on 01:43 PM February 20th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
ecsd asks: "If I log in as a normal user and 'create discussion', then when I post the initial article for the discussion I get 'Error: Invalid Form Key xxxxxxxxxx' with a message saying to report the error to SourceForge. I saw there was a variable for 'lenientkey' or such for the site and had already set it to 1 (more lenient?). The error occurs with the unprivileged user, whether from the same subnet or not. I haven't tried posting a discussion-opening post as an admin. How can I ensure I have formkeys set up properly, and how can I diagnose why the errors occur?" Having problems with Formkeys? Then this is the discussion for you. Share your problems, and any solutions you may have used for getting everything working again. I do understand that Formkeys are somewhat of a problem, so I am hoping that those of you who have already gone through the hassle of getting them to work will share your experiences.

Ask SlashCode: Machine-Automated Slash Posting and Moderation?

posted by Cliff on 04:45 PM February 19th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
automatic-slash asks: "I am new to slash development, and interested in 'automatic, machine-automated content filtering, posting, and machine moderation of threaded discussions.' A couple of questions come to mind. What parts (which source modules) of Slash are responsible for content posting, and discussion moderation (assuming these would be the ones in need of modification for the above purposes)? Any thoughts on how a completely machine-automated Slash system might work? If a group of us eventually makes the above-described modifications, would it be possible (likely?) that they would be incorporated as options into Slash? I know that my description of 'machine-automated content filtering, posting, and moderation' is extremely vague! Please bear with me! I'm looking for a place to get started on this, so any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated, and help with formulating more specific questions and proposals." While it might be slightly more work, it might be better to think about identifying the necessary parts from the first question, and then seeing if this functionality can be placed into a Plugin/Theme combination, rather than trying to change the core modules. Of course, for informational purposes, if any of you Slash developers can identify all of the places in the code responsible for content posting and moderation, it might help others who need this information.

Ask SlashCode: Slashcode and FAQs

posted by Cliff on 02:30 PM February 11th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
alexmc writes: "I keep on wanting to add lots of FAQ type information to my slash site. Is there a Slashcode compatible FAQ plugin? Should I install FAQ-O-Matic instead? or just use a Wiki? Suggestions wanted folks!" Slash has its own FAQ plugin, included in the CVS distributions, but you might be better off using something else. It would be interesting to note the experiences of those of you using that particular plugin. For those of you not running Slashcode's FAQ code, what have you been using and what have your experiences been dealing with it and its interactions with Slash?

Slash: Compromised; No Code Altered; CVS is Back

posted by jamiemccarthy on 02:30 PM January 27th, 2004   Printer-friendly   Email story
On or around November 10, 2003, the machine was compromised by an unauthorized attacker. This raises obvious questions about the integrity of the Slash codebase as provided by cvs from that machine; here are the answers.

As many of you have noticed, in early January, that machine was taken offline. Since that time, the Slash programmers have thoroughly audited the entire codebase. We conclude that no unauthorized changes were made -- neither to the publicly-available code as served from that machine, nor to the private code which is used internally on OSDN websites.

Nevertheless, we advise the maintainers of Slash sites which were using post-2.2.6 code from CVS to take several steps to ensure the integrity of their code. Also, to continue accessing new CVS code, it will be necessary to switch to the code's new CVS server at; please click Read More for more information.

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