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Krow (986)

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Database thug, Apache guy I work for OSDN (no kidding?), I write, I code (mod_layout [], mod_mp3 [], myperl... other random things), teach the perl certification course at the University of Washington. I live in Seattle with my dog Rosalyn and my cats Kiki and Nausicaa. More info can be found here []. I keep a fairly up to date journal here [], and have a couple of time wasters like TangentOrg [] and AskBrian [].

Journal of Krow (986)

Thursday January 17, 02

New Flag in the code

03:46 AM

I really should use this to keep a record of what I do with slash. What I wanted to write was that there is a new flag in the code that keeps admin page views, except for from being recorded in the accesslog. For small sites this means that you can get an actual record of just how many people are looking at your site who are not admins.
Patg just finished up work on the new RSS template code so you can now do a lot more formatting of your block data (which is way cool in my opinions). Secondary topics will be one of the next features added by him.
The first round of Zoo aka Friends/Foe is running. Its nice but it was mainly to figure out what was and was not going to work. I have a new schema that should hit CVS soon and I will have to put up a not to tell people how to convert their data. The next schema should work a lot better as we add more then just friends and foes to the system.

And I picked some really ugly icons for friends and foes since Rob wants to keep Slashdot's mac like buttons for just Slashdot.
I am hoping this makes someone want to give us a better set of icons.

Thursday January 03, 02

Side note

09:38 PM
Since someone asked, I keep my actual Journal at here, I just use this one for testing mainly.
Tuesday April 17, 01


05:19 PM

Ok, you can now pull RSS feeds from the different
top10 Journal feeds. So, that means that it is cake
to now turn them into a portald box :)

Friday April 06, 01

On a side note

12:34 PM

After looking through Doug's talk on mod_perl 2.0, I do not
think that we will actually have to do much to support it.
Yipee :)

Tuesday March 27, 01


06:28 PM

Soon, soon. Must complete comments.

On a side note, somenone should make an entire themed site around
the jouranl plugin.

Undocument hack, try: