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Krow (986)

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Database thug, Apache guy I work for OSDN (no kidding?), I write, I code (mod_layout [], mod_mp3 [], myperl... other random things), teach the perl certification course at the University of Washington. I live in Seattle with my dog Rosalyn and my cats Kiki and Nausicaa. More info can be found here []. I keep a fairly up to date journal here [], and have a couple of time wasters like TangentOrg [] and AskBrian [].

Journal of Krow (986)

Friday March 16, 01

HEAP and comments

01:16 AM
So after talked to Sasha at I have come to the conclusion that perhaps the best answer for slashdot is to just have mysql copy over all of the comments meta data to HEAP when the server starts up. That way its all fast and I don't have to worry about what is old/new.
The entire what is in new and what is in old is just problematic. And this would be very easy to support in the libraries.
Now just to see how well it works.
Wednesday March 14, 01

Article off to Apachecon

03:18 PM
Ok, the article for bender is now sent to the Apachecon people.
I am workiing on comments as fast as I can. They can print in flat mode at the moment and moderation seems to be working.
Still a lot of little annoying things to clean up though. I give it a week ro two and I should be able to use them on for journal entries.
Monday March 12, 01

You know...

01:22 AM
Its nice when you update code and it actually works :)
The question is, do journals need to work like
altcomments for slashdot.
More data needed...
Wednesday March 07, 01

Another time

07:52 PM
This is another test....

Another entry

07:51 PM
This is me, testing stuff.
Nothing new... please, ignore.