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Sandor (138)

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Journal of Sandor (138)

Wednesday December 19, 01

Just wondering...

12:44 AM

Ok, I guess this will be just two questions...

First, if you guys actually read these things?... someone, anyone, just feel free to let me know ;)

Lately, there have been a few changes here so on my version of the slashcode homepage I have the portal box for my site but it doesn't seem to have been updated in a while.
I checked my site and everything is ok with the feed. Any thoughts on why its not updating here?

Thing is I am wondering if it is a possibly an error on my end because I have a friend who's huke site for some reason can't pull the feed from my site. I never played with nuke but I do manage to pull his feed no problem.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled...