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alessio (25)

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Journal of alessio (25)

Thursday August 16, 01


07:03 AM

I've managed to run Slash 2.X on my Digital Unix machine: a bug in the weird @ISAMySql hack (one of the ugliest ever seen), plus a conflict between a running Slash 1 and Slash 2 on the same machine. Now it's time to do something real...

Thursday July 05, 01

Back to work...

02:52 AM
Finally, I manage to come back to work on Slash. I have a number of things to do, trying to put off a better release of Slash in Italian, which includes writing some documentation, the thing I hate most. :-(

But most important, I need to port my site from Slash 1 to Slash 2 and from MySql to PostgreSQL: I believe I will revert my line of work, instead of first struggling with the PostgreSQL port I will wait a little (will things change after Fry?) and first doing the 1->2 modifications on the existing MySql database.

Tuesday June 12, 01


07:34 AM
We are going live.
Monday June 11, 01

Slash in Italian, PostgreSQL

03:56 AM
Back to work on Slash almost full time... First, I want to complete the Slash in Italian stuff, at least the base theme since plugins have some issues. Then I will try again to complete the port to PostgreSQL.
Monday May 07, 01

Improvements for PostgreSQL

01:12 AM

I have made some progress on the PostgreSQL port... But still there are a few bugs to be fixed!