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acs (1437)

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Barrapunto slashcode developer.

Journal of acs (1437)

Thursday June 07, 01


03:40 AM
We are in the process to traduce slashcode to Spanish and it is not an easy task. It could be easy if we fork from the slashcode-2.0 and forget to mantain the compatibility with it. But we want to develop synchronized in order to help with our ideas and new functionality. For the momento we aven't receive great atention from the slascode development team but it si normal. They have their own target. Some ideas that we have implemented:
  • An ACL system
  • VirtualSections: why a story only has a section? This is a limitation for the printed press, not for us. We can put the same story in differente sections using indexes. So we can group the stories under very different views. It's very flexible.
  • MySlash: this is wonderfull. Each user can have a slash site.
  • AutoStories: we build automatically indexes with stories using things like the more comments/hits in the last 15, 30, 45 days. Or we mix sections like GNOME and KDE in a section called Desktops.
  • CrudeStories: every submission is inserted automatically in a special section called "EnBruto".

Some other ideas I will put here in the future. We try to implement everything as plugins but in some moments we hace to create patches against slashcode 2.0.

Monday April 23, 01

My first post

03:50 AM

Hi guys!

I am testing this new system in slashcode 2.0.
In we let our users to have its own
slash site with her journal, but I think that this system
is simpler. And the Friends is a great way to
improve the community.