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mercedo (7294)

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This 'Journal of mercedo' is totally dedicated to one woman whom I met with in Trecca, Kyoto, Japan on the 23rd of December, 1986 for the first time and probably the last time in our life. We will never see one another again, but my journal entry will continue till I receive a reply from her that'll never be likely to occur. She came into pieces and shining in the sky, and not in the least existing in my mind. I can see her smiling at me. Don't worry, she had just got married to another guy.

Born in Kokura, south-west Japan, 1961, I raised up as a most prosperous guy who'd always been located in second to none in all school I attended, now I started my trek to see her again till the end of time, waiting your reply.

I published my first novel 'The Eve' in 1978, now those who noticed who I am, please keep secret. For the moment I would like to enjoy being anonymous.

My trek continues...

Journal of mercedo (7294)

Thursday December 01, 2005
05:32 AM

Static II

Here's also a very static site.
Sunday November 20, 2005
01:46 PM

Day & Night

In my probably humble opinion, it's bored for us like guys whose age is mid-forties to have date with only one woman.

It was on the third of November when I met with my African girlfriend, and still I am not so eager to see her again now so I tried to call my ex-wife to go to the flower festival which has been held for a couple of months. It was actually the last day for the festival.

It was rather hot. And we had a good time having outing in the garden. We are just a friend now. But it is good to spend a holiday with a friend.

Probably I will meet my girlfriend soon. I hope she can open her mind more and be cooperate with accepting me more so that we can have more wonderful time..At night.

Saturday November 12, 2005
02:59 PM

Slashdot Jp

Now Slashdot Jp is so similar to Slashdot org in form, template, and you Slashdot Jp users can see my journal entry here clicking at the leftest down corner of the jp site.

I'm always watching you, hopefully some of you see me as well.

Besides all main articles in org are accesible from jp site, jp site is not independent, but correlated with org.

Sunday October 30, 2005
01:14 PM

Future of the Internet Journal System II

Right now some are extremely dominant and others are not so frequently visited.

The future map of the internet journal system will change soon. More and more less frequently visited sites get new entries and many sites get more and more vigourous.

These are the near future of the internet journal system.

09:28 AM

Perfect Sunday

Since I quit my job at the end of last month -that is September, I've got relatively lots of free time and on every Sunday I started spending my free time with my ex-wife.

When we go out, usually she drives a car and I am just looking through the window or just sleeping beside her.

I don't love her any more and I am not sure whether it is morally good to be with an ex-wife. I was just killing time, but for her it seemed so happy. We are afraid to be alone at any time. My relationship with my current girlfriends are terrible, or dying in a word. My ex-wife is always a last alternative. Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy our holiday.

I happen to find this site while browsing Yahoo! search, seems recently this site resumed, I guess not only this site but also other sites as well are receiving public limelight because of the recent drastic increase of the internet population. I sometimes check up this site, too.

Today, we went to the shopping mall near our residence. There were incredibly lots of people there -called 'marinoa city', we ordered crepe and noodles, a little happiness but it was a precious moment to be able to share our time. We will have another holiday on the 3rd of November, we call the holiday 'A Day of Culture', we plan to go out somewhere near our place, too.

Now it's rainy, we will seem to have a little bit cold night.

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