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alessio (25)

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Journal of alessio (25)

Thursday February 14, 02

Back to work on Slash

12:04 PM
Slash Sites
It's been a while since I've been working on Slash: a couple of projects that I had in mind didn't go out the design board, so I've been quiet for a while. Now a friend of mine wants to run his site into a Slash site, so I am going back to work on the Slash-Italian stuff and on Slash in general. Like I had too much free time...
Monday October 22, 01

Slash-Italian almost done!

04:46 PM
Slash Plugins and Themes
There may still be some bugs, but the Slash-Italian translation is ready! You can check at the project site, or at the newly installed (and rather empty) RadioBox site.

RadioBox will be a Slash-based weblog in Italian devoted to Formula 1 discussions.

Tuesday October 16, 01

The heated MySql-PostgreSQL discussions...

10:48 AM
Added a comment about Slash in the Slashdot thread of MySql vs. PostgreSQL.
Monday October 15, 01

Translation half-done...

11:22 AM
Slash Plugins and Themes

Hopefully tomorrow the rest!

Let's start again...

02:49 AM
Slash Plugins and Themes
New version of Slash (Fry beta) and it's time to have my couple of pet projects taking shape: Slash-Italian, which provides the slashcode-italian theme, should be updated soon, and then we will fix other plugins and documentation to have a fully functional Italian release. I like the new plugin Messages, it was nearly impossible to translate stuff locked inside the code of dailyStuff!

For the PostgreSQL port, it's gonna take a little more since I have to carefully study some areas of the code. Hopefully, I will have more luck this time.

What about a site running Slash in Italian on PostgreSQL?! Mmmhhh...