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Sandor (138)

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Journal of Sandor (138)

Wednesday June 25, 03

Feature idea

10:40 PM

I've been thinking about a feature idea. Wouldn't it be nice to have a favorites box for things related to the site? Like a 'mark for follow up' or 'add to favorites' as an internal bookmark system? I'm thinking like userspace but more automated.

How many times have you been on /. and read something that you would like to come back too but are tired of adding tons of /. links to your browsers bookmarks so you don't... only to wish you had later?

ok... I'll be quiet now, just thinking out loud...

Monday May 26, 03

Some Quick Questions

03:46 PM

If I lease a dedicated box running BSD how difficult is it to setup 1) multiple virtual server(s) 2)can I set up a few of those as php based sites? Is there any conflicts running apache, modperl, perl, mysql, php and slash that I should know about before wetup time? (I don't need php on for every virtual site just one or two but I will need to be running slash on one of the sites)... any of you guys have experience with this please reply.

Friday May 16, 03

About to be yassed and slashed again...

07:45 PM
Slash Sites

Well, good news comes at the strangest of times and methods; I have been hired by a company to customize and run another slash based site. Once again it will be about martial arts(dunno if any of you ever checked out the old site) but this time will be different; the company has bank(as opposed to me paying for it) and has hired a number of prominent martial artists to write articles on a schedule. Real publishing deadlines and writers... I'm drooling already. I'll fill you in on more as things progress forwards from here. Probably about two weeks to a launch date.

Too cool. I hope this goes well. Expect to see me in irc with stupid newbie questions guys. You have been warned;)

Wednesday May 07, 03

Journals not HOF worthy?

08:58 PM

Been pondering if that photocontest journal entry(previously mentioned) would actually hit hof levels or not on a site as busy as slashdot is. I see that they have crossed the lowest threshold for entry there but it seems a no on that front. Is this on purpose, a bug or am I missing something(like journals aren't stories)?

Tuesday May 06, 03

Journals gone wild

12:47 AM

I originally posted this in my /. account but it is worth a share here.

This about says it all. Right now its a bit over a 1100 and headed for the books... I wonder if there is a journal hall of fame. Anyways, if you haven't read this journal entry you are way behind on the local /. user gossips and goodies. Excellent use of the journal system, FortKnox, nice. I can't wait to see what this flourishes into.

This could develop into way beyond what I was thinking about when I first read about the journal system. Have any of you folks seen this in your users journal systems?