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Journal of Perimus (3238)

Monday February 11, 02
08:22 PM

Calander of Events...


All working well...

I need to come up with a calander of events. Once all the coding is done, I need to figure out the equivilant of #--exec virtual= for the slash templates so I can include the output of a cgi script that is intended to list a calander format of upcoming tournaments...

Or maybe there is a calander slash plugin that would work somehow...

Friday February 08, 02
03:33 AM

Grumble Grumble Darn Topics


I thought something funky was up with topic today, I couldn't pick any of the topics I wanted for news messages!

I was wrong, tho... it turnes out that to post a topic as news, the topic has to be contained in the correct section.


Aside from that, the slash deamon keeps running like it should, and all seems well. I just need to get around to updating all my slashboxes again... such a task... I did it before the re-install and now I am just plain lazy.

And I Need to post the results from the last tourney in OKC as well.

Monday February 04, 02
11:55 AM

I see blue skies through the tears in my eyes!


The strange error that was popping up in the error logs is gone! The slash site has been stable under low to moderate usage for about a week, and everything is acting great!

Now to try to get that calander plug-in i heard about working... **grins**

Monday January 28, 02
03:08 AM

Go Go Gadget Memory Leakage


Um, well the production box crawled to a slow, grinding halt today as the running httpd processes ate up all available memory yet continued to try to spawn new processes.

It took about 30 mins just to ssh in and restart apache! I was placing a reboot service call when I finally managed to log in.

Then, further investigation showed that the httpd processes that are running with all the extra slash stuff built in take substantially more memory than my old processes used to. So much, in fact, that about 1/2 as many processes choked the box.

I built a seperate apache install w/o mod_perl or slash and moved all the other sites hosted on the box onto it, and then I put the slash site with a much lower max process limit... around 64 rather than the 512 it was set at.

@home's net connection is slow as fudge tonight... they don't really care about quality of service anymore, since the whole bankrupcy thing, and calling them gets you a busy signal, or a singing off-key barbar shop quartet telling you to "Go Sick Your Head In A Pig"

Sunday January 27, 02
02:12 AM

All quiet on the western front...


Site has stood up to moderate usage without puking out the internal server error messages all evening, and the runaway mysqld processess seem to have stabalized at around 53 active, without giving the 'too many connections' errors, so all seems yiffy there...

all that's left to track down is that weird log error message... when i figure out how to fix it i'll enTer the findings in my journal here

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