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mercedo (7294)

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This 'Journal of mercedo' is totally dedicated to one woman whom I met with in Trecca, Kyoto, Japan on the 23rd of December, 1986 for the first time and probably the last time in our life. We will never see one another again, but my journal entry will continue till I receive a reply from her that'll never be likely to occur. She came into pieces and shining in the sky, and not in the least existing in my mind. I can see her smiling at me. Don't worry, she had just got married to another guy.

Born in Kokura, south-west Japan, 1961, I raised up as a most prosperous guy who'd always been located in second to none in all school I attended, now I started my trek to see her again till the end of time, waiting your reply.

I published my first novel 'The Eve' in 1978, now those who noticed who I am, please keep secret. For the moment I would like to enjoy being anonymous.

My trek continues...

Journal of mercedo (7294)

Wednesday October 11, 2006
01:58 PM


I checked this site for the first time in six months. Nothing changes so far.
Saturday April 08, 2006
11:58 AM

The Eve

For what to be is, not to be is, soul, God....for what greens, flowers, rivers, forests are...... No water, my head is dried up. And again, not to be. Music, subsequently again, a woman. .........Sense! Thus my head thinks. And again I am. And again it's music. Subsequently again......One woman. And again I,
Never am dubious I am. I am never dubious I am. And again flowers. Once flowers are my's too small. And again my's too big. And again it's not to be, that's it. From next to not to be.
My mind is too big, because my capacity is too small. My mind is just a being. I respect to be existing. A woman is a child. Because a man is a dog. And again, my head thinks. I think senses. Nobody can write. Therefore I can't write.

Marriage in natural consequences. Meaningless discharge. Excess. Eyes listen to all the voices, a mouth sees some voices, and my head to eat. Because as if a horse sees fire, mist implies an atomosphere, there's no word. Substance that just exists, life derived from inconsistency, Sycamoreleaf tree born from the soul, then again a rotten head. A big pot, this dried up hair that brought me former victory. The acts of butchery is so sore in my eyes, once I loved the perfect darkness, and there's something, the epitaph on the grave that relish having them freezed the hands that's unable to grasp anything.

I had seen in sequence. I thought the fear and remained it in the brain. And again the thought of genius injured my brain, and had me drink fresh tomato juice. I had seen in sequence freely. My world has two, and was completely different. One is I had seen the fate in sequence, and the other is I had seen...... what I understand. Those are a man and God, a sphynx and a lion. Delirium is order, because I had seen it.

What I saw the next was just a vacant hole, glass and lenses, a carriage and light, a brain that thinks nothing, something without eyes, a woman who has got a clot blood from a nose to a head, it's the eve, everyday I stop thinking, everyday I am just the things, power and light, dream and substance, tepid crisis, and crisis, oh my head, I will follow my head!
Oh I see, and my head felt. My consciousness keeps on, a treason drowned, a freeman crossed the car, tomorrow night I will see a woman, talk to a guy who has got fish hands.
I am never aware of it. I came to be violent extremely.

It's night. A thought never exists. I am the only poet, and a bunch of flowers.
A man wearing suits stepped downstairs, heading for the car, as if a bull were slipping away from cliff.

What did I see? I saw everything, the whole things that exist now. Arthur Rimbaud signified me extremely. He is a big being, a human, a bull. That's not connected to Satan. Light is aware of him and being made him mad goes ahead from the deep mountains now. The eve is long.

If everything exists, there's no my nose. Because into my nose I had given a mad screw, a ballpoint pen like a watch, little by little for a long time. If I've got a thought, it's a sound. No news. A primitive figure changes since long ago, a deep light my head is aware of, and it's also a cool drop as if it were pouring. One big needle in the air of wrath as if it were boiling. They've got no chances to get out of it, rule over me, annihilate me, annoy me, oppress the feeling whether summer is better than winter, smashed the wild pig and put them into my eyes, decrease my sense extremely, killed my reason which ordered that I should hate a guy, am I serious that order I should know God, am I me?

I am exhausted. If I had things to see to seek for a console land, an upper arms of a woman, I feel comfort, the bosoms that are her figure are as natural as possible. That's also a life, and an integration. Therefore I feel tired and went to a distant desert, found three stars, admire Magi as Angels, breathed a sacred breath to the Tristar, hate the ones who want to be the art themselves.

I deny. I'm exhausted, totally exhausted. I saw an upgoing shooting star far away.

As if God wants to be God, men want to be men, I am to be me, passing through night and day, hens provide fresh blood at dawn, I will face 33 men with the help of women. When I found them just a breath I hugged women, went to the town of St Lous in the north, gripped the powdered milk, cried as a mad man, she went up to the heaven there, when I saw it she was contained by an angelic light, when my mouth swallowed everything passing through day, night and morning, and again I myself fell into being, day by day saw men, towns, a cross and saw music and I found human culture stands on the roof and the extraterrestrial's real image that has been making a great effort to establish the human symbol in it, and submit to the day to come, is that OK? What I saw at the same time becomes past, present and future over time, over lands, over the sea, over the green eyes, sink into the bottom of the sea, melt with modern science, over men, over women's body, I would rather feel hot than I perspire seeing the dream, melt with humans who live in the vessel of the hands than being harmed by animals that direct the cruel tanks. ______

Someone let him know where I'm heading for. I saw what I saw. I am insisting I saw what we are unable to see. I'm saying I see tanks in the violet, a big face near rthe horizon.

Blood is a piece of button
When I look into it, that draws the arch
When I look down it, that is above the head

Mountains respect the valley
Because the high is blood
The low is button

As such I came mad
As if I were eating
As if it were a mad tail
It sprung it dispersed as if eyes were hurt by it

There's no guaranty for Self to be the same as the self being concious at present. As well, time comes over the description and men eat quicksilver in the thermometre. What they eat is as good as decay or my gray matter is, prosecute the fruition in perseverances, and why not prepare for the day to come

Yet, yet it's eve. Tomorrow I will find myself to be sober, oh, witches. ____

Stop. It is necessary for me to take a rest for the day to come. I perspired. I saw the moon. At dawn over the mountains, over the valley, over the dream, pick out a piece of stone, throw it to the tristar far away on the top of the mountain, stars include the night, praise the 'world' we live___in order for us to need a finger to point, direct the clock.

To the bottom of the muddy pond
Tremendously big stone was thrown
Dispersed black dyed the stars in the night

'Cat's Eyes'
Gave off the light suddenly from the utter black
Signified the universe all at once

After that
From the Alps Mountains
Tremendously small piano came out

Don't be afraid of
Now Mrs XX
Fell off and passed

He is also a grip of sands, this has to be cast and be borne various flowers.
I also have to stop writing here.-Jul/27, 1978

II - Before Dawn

When the flowers submerged deep into being which exists in dried up hairs of head brought about the praise of light for us with noisy crowds
To the houses of daughters who have had various spores on their bodies
Footsteps of young workers who make an offer for help

Several feelings of touch by Gods in heaven that approve such everything
In short pigs love a tree
Praise songs for Christmas whips these badly And again the skins of our hands fell into being I tried to laugh at

With some reason or other it seems to look white for me
Women's bosoms laughing at the light
In front of me, without time to breathe Cats go up

In sequence a car begins to move
When the donkies that feed smoke and live in the mist on the road with harsh trees as if they are dried ink in the pen
Because that brought the biggest relish for me, in consequence women eat worms in their houses

It's like an odour under the armpit
Then the lights in the houses are put off The reason black colour makes yellow colour be conspicuous is
Seems a cobra beside the hedge is licking my hands Trees are green

Why here is a road before a railway station
People take such as these living feet to the tower It's easy though of women to be pregnant in the book's numerous pages
Being unable to recover from tiredness When I drank up...

When I drank up the canned mineral there soon I find the shape that has been openning the universe
Iron chains build the gate a bunch of angels are come off their wings
Along with me are an eye of a woman and the piece of her legs bully me
Were I not told I know
For iron to start eating from papers a bunch of leathers are destroying a scale a footstep in Amazon is always the first

The bullets from the helicopter
Always I pretend to see them when I eat clams
Dream of rhino in the water of the river that bears fatigue starts giving off the light soon When I know their eyes I dance and break their corns
That the breathing of Hercules spreads a piece of papers from the darkness of the universe from ancient times to now
It means adversary by the Devil against God the sound of typewriter my eyes that imagine from various forms of women tomorrow

Soon the morning comes
Spin makes the use of colour pencils the drops of the eyes flow never forgive it
The world of geology is closed women's eyes opened the everything adorned the eyes seems to know in their feet

But the day I saw armadilo in my dream
It seems I am about to know the lactose like camels that means a woman
So it seems as if it were like a magic
Inquery bears various naughty deeds
Dandy murmering seems to have the road that want the slope
The grasp of story makes the development of mountains easier, the pond that see it has been losing its water
A flock of birds turn around and go to the east in sequence
I don't know from when but seem unable to tell
Yet then since Jona in rivers uses the pet
It is noxious of me the feeling of delight the mistery bears
The woman said so these few days
Because she opened her eyes in her hairstyle -ponytail
Seems I am here and a bike keeps on running why not enjoy days of running across the hell
Yet, certainly because the bossom of that woman is a cry of animals
Though it's fine story I suck though my mouth the eye of figs it sucks though I grip
It is interesting that is better than the ones of a woman whose head is big and no contents
The man saying so in the rice fields
Seems trying to catch and kill eels
Just in time the fighter planes go around
Seems to cut a head in sequence is namely as follows
Since no meal tomorrow on the matt because I found the evening the moon appears in simply mountains
I come to look for a bunch of these men uneasy to know we have to watch again
over the tent a flock of sheep seeking for water in river
It seems they come somewhere they ask where the face of big man of birds flying over the sky
The fact that the face may fly
is similar to the fact that it is useless for you to try to stop for nothing to stick

Such these are
because the shooting stars like bullets in the bulls in a ranch
I wonder why I seem to start learning the fellows that inspire

Even though I am looking down our school building thus
A woman's legs a little bit distinguished flying in my big sky
Seems between mountains in the left and rivers in the right my way to live can be found
The preys I aimed at here running away more
My rifle is not like that
Because the footsteps of a woman I saw in the snowfall of Himalayas presumes
It is not permissable
Anyway flowers
Are looking down the skies spectacularly, so it is no way for me to try to compare such various events with a good night sleep of virgins
The pen's needle that run on the figure board
Is the same as to be vacant of windmills even the clock can't see so
Since it is not applicable to me, anyone that knows the secret of girls is similar to the mountain clibming party in search of Sascatch primates that always see mists in the wind dare not try to run a risk, that's me
Then a cry in the blood comes out of the arms in my right leg start opearating slowly
Or the height limit of bridge of friends that drops day and night had sufferred me

Being reevaluate me soon in the day
I feel so mysterious as the cutting edge of handkerchief appears to be painted in blood
By the way as I know it
Since nothing other than a woman in front of a mirror seems to be conscious of me so beautifully

In the moment I know the face of men that got wet housewives in nude on the shinning pacific ocean performed
Things reached in these stages the battle makes platoons in Guadalcanal scattered

Glasses are broken
Seems men in suits
Are attempting to strungle schools through always passing the narrow path along the stream
I was unable to see it the fear, since I like the girls first of all
To hear it is necessary to smell the blood of bossoms of cradles for a woman to walk makes dirty the staircase

Though it's incredibly good feeling
I declare I don't know I pull out of the one I stick soon
Mistresses that are told I am sleeping with a very good feeling from the unexpected places are happy

Because the movement of pen that draws this time from the long animal's life is the length of a neck of swan that gives a woman happiness
This I am afraid to have the days autumn's evening dusk that is not thought to be extraordinarily unusual of me to have snowfall is splendid

Summer days though I'm afaid it is my weakness

Erase ink stop killing
Evening dusk is the sunset in the morning that draws on the water
Irons kick out of stones
Future makes this time
Since astronomy is open
It is summer evening dusk of flying days

Even though I've got to be accused of what I was unaware to have done
Victims dyed foeigners in black
Black sunset is not allowed to be limited there
And I try licking the hands

In various
evening sunset my head is vacant

Yet I go
I don't think it's a curse reality
As if birds are pricking on the verge of waters
I keep secret on what I ever did
I must go in order to leave
It is more that those
Because dead corpse is said to be dirty
As I sought for vivid woman bodies

Then few days passed
Mid-winter days that appears the days which do not have to hold my palpitation

Summer sunset I go in time of sunrise
That means 'approval'
I hear the sound of clear stream that says go as it is
From the foot of that mountain
We were supposed to have seen the figure of towns
I've got to give up this winter days
Banish summer
On the burning woman's bodies
Since I was about to know extraordinary things

Since everything such these are the concerto on the water I was totally unable to catch up with
It is as good as hotels since it seems to know the collapse it comes to clear by using detergent

In the storm one ship go sailing
A mouse dies
I wonder he knew this day
I would rather like a small insect
I saw the avenue in the bathtub

I passed half of this day
I am here not knowing I always stand in front of us


Here is the original version in Japanese.

Saturday, April 08, 2006 Zen Ya XVIII Soushita koto no subete wa suijou(on the water) no gassou(ensamble) dakara boku ni wa toutei obotsukanai. Senzai(detergent) wo tsukatte wa kirei ninaru hame wo shiru rashii to iu kara hotel nami da. Arashi no naka wo fune ga susunde iku Nezumi ga ippiki shinda Sore wa kono hi(day) wo shitte ita no ka Chiisana mushi(insect) wa mushiro sukinakurai de Boku wa furo no naka ni namikimichi wo mita Kore de kono shi(poem)no hanbun ga sugita ga Itsumo wareware no mae ni tachihadakarukoto wo shiranai de boku wa iru 20/Sep/1980 posted by mercedo at 9:09 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya XVII Ink wo keshite Koroshi wo yamete Tasogare wa mizu(water) ni nabiku gozen(morning) no yuuhi(sunset) Tetsutachi(steels)was ishi(stones) wo kuchiku(kick out) shi Mirai wa kono toki wo tsukuru Tenmon(astronomy) wa hirakarete iru to iu kara Tonde iru hibi(days) no natsu no yuugure da. Soushite mo nao, boku wa mi ni oboe no nai koto wo ukenakereba ikenai Higaisha wa gaijin wo kuroku someru rashii. Kuroi yuuhi wa sono ba kagiri de atte wa ikenai shi, mata sono te wo boku ga namete miru. Moromoro no Yuugure no naka no atama wa karappo Demo boku wa yukou Kasakasashita genjitsu de aru to wa omowanai Toritachi ga mizube de kuchi wo tsugumu you ni Imamade no koto wa subete kuchi wo tsugunde Ikanakutewa ikenai Shuppatsu no tame ni mo Sore wa arera ni mo mashite Shinde iru shigai(corpus) wa kitanai to iu node Boku wa yakudousuru nyotai(woman body)wo motometa no de aru ga Sorekara ikunichi ka tatte Boku no tokimeki ga naku Temoii to iu hibi(days) wo genshutsu surumafuyu no hibi(days) wo Hinode to tomo ni boku wa iku natsu no yuugure Sore wa 'Zenin(approval)' to iu imi nano da Konomama susume to iu shimizu no oto ga kikoeru Ano yama no sanpuku kara wa Machimachi no sugata wa mieta de arou ni Hashikiraneba naranu Kono fuyu no hibi(days) Natsu wo keshite Moeteiku onna no karada no ue(up) de Boku wa tada naranu koto wo shirihajimete iru no de posted by mercedo at 8:18 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya XVI Garasu wa kuzure ochite Douyara sebiro no otokotachi wa Koushite itsumo kawasuji no semai michi wo tootte gakkou wo koroshimete iru rashii ga, Boku ni wa sore ga kyoufu ni mo miezu, doushitemo onnanoko ga suki de aru kara, Onna ga aruku no wa kaidan wo kegasu ubaguruma no chichi(bosom) no chi(blood) no niwoi wo kagu koto ga hitsuyou de aru to kiku(listen) no wa, Totemo ii kimochi de mo Yagate tsukisasaru mono wa nuite mo shiranyo to iihanachi, Tondemo nai tokoro kara boku wa iikimochi de neteiru to iwareru okusama tachi wa shiawase de aru. Nagai doubutsu no seikatsu kara kontoki wo egaku pen no nagare wa onna ni shiawase wo ataeru hakuchou no kubi no nagasa de aru kara Yuki(snow) ga futtemo boku ni wa tondemo nai koto no you niwa omowarenai aki(autumn) no yuugure wa subarashii to iu hibi(days) wo motsu no wa, kono boku ga osoreteiru. Shikashi sore wa boku no yowasa dewa naika toiu manatsu no hibi(days) posted by mercedo at 7:30 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya XV Sonzai wa boku wo yagate hi(sun)no naka ni mitsume naoshi Hankachi no kitte(cut) otosareta tokoro wo chi(blood) ga nurarete iku no wa nanto mo fushigi na ki ga suru no da Tokoro de boku no shitte iru koto daga garasu no mae no onna hodo kirei ni boku wo ishiki surumono wa nairashii to iu kara Soushita koro taiheiyou jou wo kirameku okugata ga hadaka de nurashita otoko no kawo mo shiru no da.Kounatte kara to iu mono koroshiai wa Gadalcanal no rentai(platoon) wo moromoro ni shita. posted by mercedo at 7:03 AM | 0 comments Friday, April 07, 2006 Zen Ya XIV Boku wa koushite kousha(school building) wo mioroshite itte mo Sukoshimo zunuketa onna no mata wa boku no ouzora no naka ni tobitatte ite, Douyara higashi no yama migi no kawa no aida ni boku no katsuro ga miidasare souda. Koko de neratta emono ga dondon nigete iku ga, Boku no ryoujuu wa sou wa ikanai Himalaya no uki no naka ni mita onna no ashiato ga sonokoto wo suiryou(assumption) shite iru no de, Sore wa yurushigatai Tonikaku hanabana ga Kuuchuu wo migoto ni mioroshite iru kara soushita moromoro no dekigoto wo shojo(vergin) no umai(sleeping well)ni kurabete mite mo dounimo naranai. Mijiban no ue wo hashiru pen no hari wa Tokei de mo sore ga mienai fuusha(windmill)no garandou de aru koto to onaji nano dakara Sore wa boku ni wa tsuuyou shinai no de ikanaru mono mo onna no asoko wo shiru no wa itsumo kaze no naka ni kiri wo miru Sascatch no tozantai wa shinu koto wo aete shinai to iu kara sore was boku da. Sore de boku no migiude ni ude kara deru chi(blood) no naka no sakebi ga yuruku sadou(operate) shihajimete, Sunawachi koboreochiru tomodachi no hashigeta ga kuruhi mo kuruhi mo boku wo kurushimeta. posted by mercedo at 11:54 AM | 0 comments Thursday, April 06, 2006 Zen Ya XIII Tokoroga sono hi Boku wa yume ni baku wo mita ga Sore wa douyara onna wo imi suru rakuda no you na tourui(luctose) wo shiru hame ni naru rashii no da ga Douyara boku ni wa magic no you ni mieru kara Fushigi wa kazukazu no shirewaza wo umi Shadatsu na ounou wa iyoku suru douro wo sakamichi ni suru rashii Monogatari no haaku wa yamayama no tenkai wo youi ni shi, sore wo miru ike wa yagate mizu wo nakushite iku Tori tachi no mure ga itsunomanika senkai(go around) suru higashi no hou e iku no wa Itsu kara ka shirenaiga totemo miwake ga tsukumai Soredemo yagate kawa gun no Jona wa pet wo mochiiru to iu kara Fushigi ga umu yorokobi no kimochi wa boku ni wa totemo kimochi warui To iu hito ga koko suujitsu Ano kami de boku wo mihiraita no de Douyara boku wa koko ni iru bike wa tsuppashiri jigoku wo kakemeguru hibi wo tanoshimou de wa nai darouka. Demo, yahari ano onna no chichi(bosom) wa doubutsu no nakigoe dakara. Tsukande mo suitsuku ichijiku no me(eye) wo boku no mono de suitsuku to wa sore wa kekkou na hanashi daga, Atama wa dekaku te nakami no nai onna yori mo, mashi rashii to iu kara omoshiroi to, Itte(say) iru otoko wa den'en no naka de Douyara dojou(water eel) wo tsukamaete korosou to shite iru rashii ga, Sentouki(fighter plane) ga meguru kono toki koso wa Yagate kubi wo kiru you ni naru rashii no wa, tsumari kouiu koto nanoda. Shokuji(meal) ga nai kara asu wa matt no ue de tsuki(moon) no deru ban wo tan naru yama yama no naka ni miidashita to iu kara Boku wa mitsumenaosaneba naranai kazukazu no youi ni wakaranai kono otoko tachi no mure wo sagashite iru koto ni naru to iu Tent no mukougawa(over there) ni hitsuji tachi no mure ga kawa no mizu wo motomete Kuuchuu ni tobu tori no oukina hito no kao wo doko kara ka kiite kiteiru you de aru. Kao ga tobitachite mo ii no wa Mu(nothingness) ga tsukisasaru no wo kuitomeyou to shite mo muda da to iu no ni niteiru(similar) no da. Soushita wa Aru makiba de ushi no naka ni tama(bullet) rashii nagare boshi wa hirameku no de Boku wa douyara ma(evil spirit) ga sasu nakama wo mi ni tsukehajimeru no wa ittai douiu wake darou. posted by mercedo at 9:51 AM | 0 comments Wednesday, April 05, 2006 Zen Ya XII Itsushika asa ni nari Itoguruma wa iro pen wo kushi (let them work well) shite nagareru me no namida wasore wo yurushi wa shina. Chigaku no sekai wa tojirareta onna no me wo hiraita sono me wo kazaru subete wa ashi ni aru to shiru rashii posted by mercedo at 10:52 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya XI Yagate kuruma ga ugokidashi Pen no ink wa kasakasa ni natta kigi no douro no kiri no naka wo kemuri wo kutte ikiru roba ga senryou shihajimeru toki Boku ni totte wa saidai no yorokobi wo motarasu node, itsushika onna tachi wa ie ie no kemushi bwo kuu. Sore wa wakiga no you Sonotoki ie ie no denki wa kesare Kuro ga kiiro wo medachitagaru no wa Douyara hei no waki no cobra ga boku no te wo nameteiru Kigi wa midori da Doushite koko wa ekimae no douro de Hitobito ga tou(tower) ni koushite ikiteiru ashitachi wo tsuretekuru hon no kazukazu no page wo onna ga migomoru no wa itomo youi daga Tsukare wo iezu Entoukei no mineral wo momihosu to soko wa yagate uchuu wo hiraiteiku katachi wo miidasu no daga, tetsu no kusari wa mon wo kizuku tenshi no mure ga hane wo mushirare Boku no katawara ni onna no katame to ashi no kirehashi ga boku wo ijimeru. Iwanakute mo wakatte iru. Tetsu wa kami(paper) yori kuihajimeru no wa kawarui(leather goods) no mure ga jougi wo kowashite iku Amazon no ashiato wa itsumo saisho da. Helicopter kara dangan ga Itsumo miehajimeta tsumoride kai wo taberu toki Tsukare wo shoujiru kawa no mizu no sai(rhino) no yume wa itsushika hikari wo hanachihajimeru. Me wo shiru toki boku wa odotte tsuno wo heshioru. Hercules no hanaiki ga kodai kara ima ni itaru madekamikire wo uchuu no ankoku no tokoro kara hanatsuno wa Akuma no kami no hangyaku wo sore wa imisuru typewriter no oto ga asu no onna no kazukazu no katachi kara souzou(imagine)o suru boku no me posted by mercedo at 10:32 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya X Hikarabita kaminoke no naka ni sonzai no oku no hana ga, doyomeku gunshuu to tomo ni warera ni hikari no sanbi wo motarasu toki Samazama na kokemushita musumetachi no ie ie ni Tetsudai wo mooshideru wakai hatarakite tachi no ashiato Koushita subete wo zenin suru tenjou no kamitachi no moromoro no tezawari Sunawachi buta wa ki wo aishi Christmas no sanka wa korera wo hidoku muchiuchi Shikamo mata sonzai no naka ni mi wo otoshita warera no te no kawatachi wo Boku wa hitotabi waraou to shita Sore wa douiu wake ka boku ni totte wa shiroku mie Sono hikari wo waratte iru onna tachi no chibusa ga Boku no me no mae ni Ikizuku hima mo naku Neko wa ue e noboru posted by mercedo at 10:23 AM | 0 comments Tuesday, April 04, 2006 Zen Ya IX Gen ni ishiki sareta jibun ga sore de aru to iu hoshou ga nai no to douyou ni toki wa hon(book) wo koete, taionkei no suigin wo ningen wa kuu. Shokushita mono ga shi(death) ka ore no utou(right head)ga shi(death) ka. Taete sono minori wo jisshi shi, kitarubeki daikannan ni sonaeyou de wa nai ka. Madamada zen'ya de aru. Yoru ga kureba ore wa matomo ni naru. Oo Majo--------- Yameyou. Ore niwa yoru ni mukete no kyuusoku ga hitsuyou da. Ase wo nagashita. Tsuki wo mita. Asa wo mukaete, yama wo koe, tani wo koe, yume wo koe, oka ni iru hitotsubu noishi wo hiroi, touku no sanjou no mittsu no hoshi ni nage, hoshi wa yoru wo tsutsumikomi, wareware no sumu 'sekai' wo sanbi shi ------tokei wo shimeshi, yubisasu te wo hitsuyou to suru tame ni. Dobuzoko ni Totetsumonaku oukina ishi ga nagekomareta. Tobichitta kuro wa yoboshi wo kuroku someta. Sono toki 'Neko no me' wa Mattaku no kuro kara totsuzen hikari wo hanachi Ichimokusan ni uchuu wo igi shita. Soushite nochi Alps sanchu kara Tohou mo naku chiisana piano ga detekita. Kowagaru koto wa nai Xx fujin wa ima Kokezuriochita shinde shimatta no de aru. Kare mo mata, hitonigiri no suna de aru. Kore wa chijou e maki, samazamana hana wo umanebanaranai. Ore wa mata, koko de fude o okaneba naranai. -7/27/1978 posted by mercedo at 10:02 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya VIII Dareka oshiete yatte kure, ore no yukue wo. Ore wa mita mono wa mita no da. Mienai mono mo mita to iihatte iru noda. Sumire no naka ni sensha ga, chiheisen no chikaku kara oukina kao ga mieru to itte iru noda. Chi wa botan no hitokakera Nagameru toki ni arch wo egaki Me wo otosu koro niwa zujou ni aru. Yama wa tani wo sonshou(respect) suru Nazenara takai mono wa chi de Hikui mono ga botan dakara. Sore hodo boku wa kurutta noda. Gen ni ore ga tabeteite Sore ga kurutta shippo no you ni Hanete, chitte me ga tsuburete shimau hodo ni. posted by mercedo at 9:43 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya VII Kami ga kami taroutosuru you ni, hito wa hito taroutoshi, ore wa ore taroutoshi, yoru wo mukae, hiru wo mukae, asa ga kuru koro ni niwatori wa hito ni ikichi wo teikyou shi, ore wa onna to kyoubou shi, San juu san nin no otokotachi wo korosu. Korosareta otokotachi ga tannaru iki de aru to wakatta toki ore wa onna wo dakisukume, kita niaru St Louis no machi e iki, kona milk wo tsukami, kuruttayouni nakisakebi, kanojo wa soko de ten ni nobori, ore wa sore wo miru toki tenshi no youna hikari ni kanojo wa tsutsumare,ore no kuchi ga subete wo nomihosu toki yoru wo mukae, hiru wo mukae, asa wo mukae, soshite mata, ore wa sonzai no naka ni mi wo otoshi, kuru hi mo kuru hi mo hito wo mite machi wo mite juujika wo mite, ongaku wo mite, yane no ue ni tatsu jinrui no bunka to, ningen no shouchou wo tate doryoku wo oshimanu uchuujin no jitsuzou wo sore ni hakken shi, yagate kuru akuma no hi ni keifuku suru. Kore de iika. Mita mono wa douji ni kako to nari kyou to nari mirai to nari toki wo koe, tochi wo koe, umi wo koe, midori no me wo koe, kaitei e moguri, gendai no kagaku(science) to tokeai, hito wo koe, arashi wo koe, onna no karada wo koe, yume wo mite nureteshimau mono ni naru gurai nara atsui hou ga ii to ii, kurutta sensha wo shiki suru doubutsutachi ni korosareru kurai nara te no naka no kekkan no naka ni sumu ningentachi to tokeatta hou ga ii to iu. ---------- posted by mercedo at 9:18 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya VI Ore wa tsukareta. Ore ga saigo ni ian no chi wo motomete miru mono ga aru to sureba, ore ni chuudan no sawari de aru zawazawa to iu.........onna no no-sleeve, kanojo no sugata de aru sono chibusa wa dekirukagiri shizen niore wa yasuragu. Sore wa mata inochi, ishuu de aru. Yue ni ore wa mou tsukare wo shitte toui sabaku e iki, mittsu no hoshi wo mitsuke, doushi wo ten to aogi, mittsu ni seinaru toiki wo age, ore wa geijutsu tarou to suru mono wo nikumi. Hitei suru. Ore wa tsukareta. Ore wa tsukarekitta. Touku de joushou suru nagareboshi wo mita. posted by mercedo at 8:59 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya V Arayuru mono ga aru to sureba, ore no hana wa nai. Boku no bikuu ni wa nagai mukashi ni kurutta you na neji wo, tokei noyou na ballpen wo, nagai aida, sukoshizutsu sukoshizutsu irerareta kara. Ore nishikou ga aru to sureba sore wa oto da. Oto sata nashi. Mukashi kara genshi no sugata wa kawatte ore no atama ga ishiki suru hikari no oku, sore wa mata, koboreru you na reiteki. Nietagiru you na ikari no kuuki no naka no hitotsu no kyodai na hari. Karera wa tsune ni deru kikai naku, ore no ue ni kunrin shi, ore wo messhi, ore wo udarase, natsu wa fuyu yori mo iika to iu kanjou wo seibu shi, inoshishi wo chiribamete ore no me nonaka ni ire, ore no kankaku wo kyokudo ni hezurashi, ore ni kare wo nikume to shiji shita risei wo koroshi, ore ni kami wo shire to suru ore wa honki ka to iu, ore wa ore ka? posted by mercedo at 8:14 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya IV Yoru de aru. Shikou nado ari wa shinai. Shi(poesy) wa masashiku ore hitori de ari katsu kadan(flower bed) de aru. Hitori no otoko ga sebiro de kaidan wo oriru. Me wa.........kyokudo ni shiru mono wa shitta no de aru. Me ga hito no nioi wo kaguhodo ni.........ashi wa kuruma ni mukau. Mukashi mita tougyuu ga gake wo suberiochiru you ni. Nani wo mitaka? Nani mo mita. Gen ni aru mono subete mita. Kyokudo ni are wa ore wo igi shita. Sore wa oukii sonzai, ningen, tougyuu da. Sore wa musubitsukanu mono, akuma de aru. Hikari wa kare wo ishiki shi kyouki tarashimeta sonzai wa gen ni oku no yama kara mukatte tsukisusumu. Zen'ya wa nagai. posted by mercedo at 7:26 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya III Tsugi ni mita mono wa nandemonai ana de aru. Garasu de ari lens de aru. Basha de ari hikari, shikou senu atama, me no nai mono, hana kara atama ni taishite kekkan ga tsumatte shimatta onna. Zen'ya de aru. Higoto ore wa shikou senu. Higoto ore wa mono de aru. Chikara de ari hikari, yume de ari jittai, namanurui kiki, soshite kiki, oo ore no atama yo, ore no atama ni ore wa shitagau! Oo mita. Soshite atama wa kanjita. Ishiki ga tsuzuki, kita wa obore, nishi ga higashi to kousaku suru. Ashita no yoru ni watashi wa onna o miru. Sakana no te wo motsu otoko wo miru. Ki nade tsukiwa shinai. Boku wa kyokudo ni kyoubouka shita. posted by mercedo at 7:11 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya II Junjun ni boku wa miteitta. Kyoufu wo shikou shi, sore wo nouzui ni todometa. Soshite mata, tensai no shikou ga ore no nou wo sasshou shi, douji ni seijuku shita tomato no namajiru wo nomasete kureta. Junjun ni boku wa, jiyuu ni mita. Ore no sekai ga futatsu ari, sore ga mattaku chigatte ita. Hitotsu wa boku wa unmei wo junjun ni mitekita. Hitotsu wa boku wa......wakaru mono wa mita. Hito wo de ari kami de aru. Yue de ari shishi de aru. Sakuran wa chitsujo de aru. Nazenara watashi wa miteitta kara. posted by mercedo at 6:13 AM | 0 comments Zen Ya Naniyue no sei ka, shi ka, inochi ka, kami ka....naniyue no midori ka, hana ka, kawa ka, mori ka......mizu nashi da, ore no atama wa, karakara da. Soshite mata, shi de aru. Ongaku, sousureba mata, onna de aru. .........Kankaku da! Sou atama wa shikou suru. Soshite mata boku de aru. Soshite mata, ongaku de aru. Sousureba mata......hitori no onna de aru. Soshite mata ore wa. Sonzai suru koto wo utagawanai. Ore ga iru koto wo utagawanai. Soshite mata hana de aru. Katsute wa hana wa ore no teki......amari ni chiisasugiru no da. Soshite mata ore no tomo......amari ni oukisugiru no da. Soshite mata shi, kore de owari da. Shi no tsugi kara da. Ore no kokoro wa oukisugiru. Nazenara utsuwa ga chiisasugiru. Ore no kokoro wa tada no sonzai. Watashi wa sonzai suru mono ni keifuku suru.Onna wa kodomo da. Nazenara otoko wa inu da. Soshite mata, ore no atama wa shikou suru. Kankaku wo shikou suru. Dore ni mo kakenu. Yue ni ore wa kakenu. Hitsuzen no baishaku da. Muimi no houshutsu da. Ranpi. Ari to arukoe wo kiku me, ikutsuka no koe o miru kuchi, soshite taberu tame ni ore no atama. Nazenara uma ga hi wo miru you ni, kiri ga tae wo suru you ni, kotoba wa nai. Tada aru no wa jittai, mujun kara shoujiru inochi, tamashii kara ikitekuru nara no ki, soshite mata kussatta atama de aru. Katsute no shouri wo motarashita no wa kono hikarabita kami no ke, oukina rutsubo de aru. Nikuya no waza ga ore no me ni shimiru. Katsute ore wa aishita. Kanpeki na yami wo. Soshite mata nani ka ari, nani mo tsukamenu te wo kourasete yorokobu haka no hi wo. posted by mercedo at 5:05 AM | 0 comments

Friday February 03, 2006
01:33 PM


You learn in university what you cannot learn in society. What you learn in university is not what you learn in society.
Thursday February 02, 2006
09:36 AM

Two Signs of World Language


That is "there's no inflection in their words." and "they contain extremely enriched vocaburary." Both Chinese and English show a sign of world language.

English shows, in many aspects, a sign of good language. Probably proto-English used to have lots of paradigm change -inflection as other Indo-European language do. Nowadays we know Latin has more inflected words than English, but still English is an inflectional language.

On the other hands, Chinese is not inflectional. We say it 'analytical', for example, in English we say, ' In the past I went to the park.' or just 'I went to the park.' In Chinese, we say ' In the past we go to the park.' So if it's in present, we just say, 'I go to the park.' There's no inflection in Chinese. Then we noticed if we put the adverbal phrase like 'in the past', we don't have to use the past form 'went' to indicate the action was taken place in the past.

More and more English has been enriched by embracing many words - especially nouns from many other languages, less and less the inflection of English words is. I mean English words have been more rigid -fixed than before, because it is easier for non-native to learn not-inflected words.

Believe me now both world languages show strickingly similar syntax -both Chinese and English.

Tuesday December 20, 2005
01:26 PM

Global Warming, Regional Cooling, Nuclear Winter

The current regional cooling here in Japan has little to do with nuclear winter. But probably it has much to do with global warming. The overcomsumption of fossil fuel comes up with lots of carbon dioxide and that forms a strata in upper atmosphere eventually causes a greenhouse effect. For this effect, lots of evaporation occurs in tropical or subtropical sea and makes thick clouds then moves to the Arctic region. Current very cold sytem is thought to be directly from the Arctic region. Thus global warming incurs regional cooling.

Nuclear explosions form layers of thick ash and dust which prevent sun radiation from reaching the ground so consequently major nuclear explosions induce nuclear winter -mini Ice Age. The enforcement of nuclear arms would be the most effective preventative measure of global warming. this is a mere exaggeration based on a sheer misconception, though, I feel really chilly.

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