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Sandor (138)

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Journal of Sandor (138)

Tuesday June 11, 02

Anyone hosting 2.x version sites?

12:04 AM
Slash Sites

Does anyone know who is hosting slash 2.x series sites or have a suggestion on who has a hosting package in the $50/month range where I could instal and have root access?

Thursday May 09, 02

Is there a +2 posting level?

09:58 PM

Just curious(though it seems noone reads this shit anyways...)

Anyone notice some people post at 3 instead of 2 on /. ?

Am I getting this straight or is it that one of the moderation messages doesn't actually display when someone is modded up?

Monday May 06, 02

Journal entries archived?!?

10:19 PM

Hey guys! what interval do you have journal entries being aarchived at? Just curious, because I hadn't noticed that before on a journal entry. What's the dealio?

Friday April 26, 02


10:25 PM

So, a while back I went on the record as saying I wouldn't find much use for this nifty feature. A friend says to me 'You should be more open minded about it because it is a coooool idea' and I decide to give it a shot. After a few months of using it on my /. accounts and here I figured I should let you all know that this is a very cool feature indeed. Combined with the messaging system it makes for a more interesting experience for the user.

I owe you guys an apology.

Wednesday March 06, 02

New Poll for slashcode???!?!?

06:35 PM

Hey, the poll is getting old, dontcha think?

Anyone have a suggestion for a new one?

Personally, I would like to see a poll about how you folks are marketing your slash sites, but that's just me.