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Journal of tf23 (175)

Saturday February 22, 03

photogal plugin

08:28 AM
Slash Plugins and Themes

v1.0's done. I tagged release 1.0, then merged the devel 1.0.devel branch to head, and then created a new branch for 1.1.devel. Cliff, you will never know how much I have thanked you in my head over the past year for pushing me towards using CVS. What a sweet tool cvs is!! hit to snag the plugin.

Wednesday February 12, 03

faq plugin

07:45 AM

I put info about it up, and put it into the CVS tree. Apparently people are interested. I guess the question is - how interested? Enough to write code to submit a patch to help finish it? Or does the majority just want someone to finish it and release it so they can use it w/o having to help code/test it???

Enquiring minds want to know :)

It'd be interesting to know how many people are out there coding for Slash. Versus how many sites are out there running Slash.

Anyway, hit for more info/download it.

Sunday February 02, 03

Galleria photo gal plugin new release

09:22 AM
Slash Plugins and Themes

The second beta is out. I fixed a few things. Thanks to all of you trying this code out for me. More info here:

Friday January 03, 03

Photo gallery plugin

01:21 PM
Slash Plugins and Themes

OK, so I've been coding quite a bit lately. I try to do all my coding during the colder months, that way when it's warmer I can ride.

Anyway, I've got the gumption to work on the photo gallery plugin a little while ago. As a result, its just about totally re-written, with some of my best new-fangled slash and perl knowledge. (special thanks to hc-chien and cliff for help/advice with the http upload code, and pudge for the example code using Imager).

For information - see this article on about the plugin, and how to grab it from CVS if you want to try it.

Merry xmas. Happy Holidays. Happy newyear. Enjoy the new plugin and it's hopefull relase later this month.


Wednesday December 25, 02

the subscription plugin

12:01 PM
Slash Plugins and Themes

I'm wondering if anyone's used it for anything *besides* online advertising on their site...