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So what plugins would you like to see written?

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Weblogs for users (journals)
  12% 142 votes
Bug tracking
  6% 70 votes
Email for users
  13% 153 votes
Stock tracking
  3% 44 votes
Relationship/Personals system
  19% 221 votes
Instant Messaging
  18% 208 votes
Event notification (comment responses)
  13% 156 votes
Notify Krow to do yard work
  11% 132 votes
1126 total votes.
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  • Don't complain about lack of options. You've got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.
  • Feel free to suggest poll ideas if you're feeling creative. I'd strongly suggest reading the past polls first.
  • This whole thing is wildly inaccurate. Rounding errors, ballot stuffers, dynamic IPs, firewalls. If you're using these numbers to do anything important, you're insane.
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  • A calendar app would be great. I am putting together a slash site for some friends that this would come in really handy, they tour all over the world and a schedule of where they are at, going, and what they will be teaching would be a great feature to add to slash. (Currently, I have been using an asp script to render out the calendar of events to static html and using it(the static html) as includes.)
  • Maybe I didn't make it clear, but I was talking about the new install procedure, for Bender, not the current one for 1.0.x.
  • re: root: well, of course you have to be root. You are configuring Apache and MySQL. I don't see how it could be any other way.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I think what he means is a "/usr/ports" port. It's a lot like cd /usr/ports/net/bender and then type make. It will search and download the required files to make work (filling in dependancies), then apply any patches needed to compile on the target system, configure and make everything. Type "make install" and it fakes an installation to check for problems, then puts everything where it needs to be for you.

    Since this stuff seems to be all perl or at least compilable on OpenBSD, maybe some da
  • I don't know what "wiki" is, but I do envision a way to do other types of posting. UBB is one I'd like to look into; maybe this other thing you are describing could be another. It might make sense to pull out the "post mode" so it could be pluggable. I don't know if it is worth it, though.
  • Hmm, curiously I was "dreaming" about the same thing... The "Slash" linux distribution... "Everything you need to run your WWW Portal".

    Nice GUI, to select features you need on the machine, set-up all Slash variables at install, kinda like a RH install, but once your' trough installing the entire site is operational.

    Trow in some tools, DB admin tools, graphics tools, just everything specific to set-up and mantain a slash site, and trow out the unneded stuff.

    Now, how do you create a Linux Distri? Anyon
  • I've been using Wikis for everything lately. I format something like I would a text file or usenet post, and it intelligently becomes HTML.

    Some examples:

    • Lists: If I prepend a bunch of lines with '-' characters it will be translated to an unordered list. I can get an ordered list by simply using numbers
    • URLs: If I type a URL, it will be clickable
    • Italics, etc: *This* will be italicized, **this** will be bolded, 'this' will appear in monospace (useful for commands, etc), and _this_ will be underlined
    • There's probably some other cool things, but I don't know them yet

    This makes it **so** much easier to format a post and greatly reduces the chance that someone forgets to close a tag properly. The URL one saves a lot of screwing around as well.

    An interesting addition would be to use "" (double-double quotes) for blockquote. That would make quoting much easier.

    Someone can still use HTML tags, of course. I'm not recommending *removing* any functionality.



    Jimmie Funk, Doctor of Soul

  • by Anonymous Coward
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  • I guess I was just wishing out loud (that Apache+mod_perl wouldn't need to be configured :)). Just the voice of weary frustration talking.
  • Since i dont think its possible to brign the price of someone else running a slashsite for you down to a managable level, the only way to accomplish my goal is to make the instalation/upkeep of a slashsite simple.

    Again, I do not think it is possible for an average person to run a web site like this. They need to be able to tune Apache, manage system resources, administer the database, handle security, and more. It is asking too much to think a reasonable person can handle ANY web site that is this dynamic and complex.

    Computers are not appliances. Maybe personal computers are becoming that way (although the trend toward Mac OS X and Windows 2000 is certainly a step backward in that direction, as they are far more complex than their predecessors), but web server machines, which demand significant and complex resources, require the help of someone who knows what is going on. What happens when something breaks in a complex system? Who is going to fix it? What happens if security is compromised? How would they even know security is compromised?

    Let's assume that this could reasonably be made to be used by an average person. What would you suggest? Installation is irrelevant. Management of the resources is the tough part, and unless you are going to write an all-new database and webserver and OS that effectively needs no work on behalf of the operator, I don't see how it could be done.

  • I submitted a story posing that exact question and it was rejected. I'm glad someone is thinking about it!

    "How about you interface with my ass? By biting it!" --Bender
  • ok.. my last post on this topic i promise.

    after reading your last response I think that the problem is that im not clearly explaining what I think slashcode has the potential to become.
    I see web pages in a similar light that computers were back in their early days they came in two forms, Big corperations had them, and techie hobbiests had them. Now in 2001 its getting to the point where everyone has one, including those people who are technologicaly inept. This is because computers provide services which the average person wants to take advantage of and the learning curve has been lowered to the point that they are willing to learn how to use them. Now the same thing could be said for web sites. A lot of people would want to be able to distribute rapidly updated information to a group whether that be their co-workers, or their extended family. The two obstacles that stand in the way of this are cost and difficulty. if you hire someone to run the site for you its easy, but expensive. If you do it yourself its relatively cheap but too difficult for the average person.

    Since i dont think its possible to brign the price of someone else running a slashsite for you down to a managable level, the only way to accomplish my goal is to make the instalation/upkeep of a slashsite simple.

    now before you laugh at me I realise that this is somewhat unrealistic. Seeing as the programers who would have to do the work to see this happen would not recieve any benefit from it. But the fact is eventualy someone is going to do this, and when it happens itll probably be some giant MS like company and itll be based on Windows. Id rather see slash/linux be the software of choice for the future personal web site. Because itll be te addition and simplification of features like this that could bring linux into the mainstream.

  • There are six steps to installation. Install MySQL. Already installed? OK, install perl. Got it already? Go on to Apache + mod_perl. Already have it, and it is configured properly (with the special build options)? OK, now install the perl modules (just "install Bundle::Slash", and then "install DBIx::Password"). Now unpack the source, do a make/make install. Now install your slash site with ./install-slashsite. For most people, especially those who have already installed a previous slash, this installation
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  • I did one for slash1.09. I never did finish the 'calendar view' of it.

    I'm learning Bender to be able to port it. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe this next version will get done and published.

    lottadot []
  • Personals? (Score:0, Normal)

    by Anonymous Coward
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  • Hi, I don't know if this would be popular but it would be a highly usefull feature (trust me):

    Currently in "Main" the related link feature has a list of keywords with their corresponding URL's embedded into the perl code somewhere, same goes for the autonode to everything2 (I think).

    IMHO, if that (keywords and URL's) would be put into a DB table and be editable from with in the admin GUI, this would mayorly rock, specially for sites that deal with complex issues on which Mr. Joe Sixpack doesn't have