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Title    New Features!
Date    Sunday March 09 2003, @11:20PM
Author    Krow

So bunch of new features are in the latest CVS. Including image and file support int stories. Other hight lights include:

Slash::Relocate, an href tool that changes all of your links on your site to relocateable links. Coming soon to this will be a task to track if the link is dead or not (and give you an alternate link to google if it is).

Slash meta language. Now in stories (and soon in Journals) you can use custom slash links to do all sorts of nifty little things. If you notice the story before this one with the like to you will noticed the hyper link to their homepage. Plus if you are logged in it will show you your Zoo Relationships.

Finally, we now have image and file support with stories. Here is with his cat.

Multi page documents are now supported by using the SLASH tag language.

Bunch more that I am probably forgetting....


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