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Title    Problems Creating New Users...
Date    Saturday January 27 2001, @07:42AM
Author    Krow

Steppin Razor writes "I thought I had successfully completed the slashcode installation. I can log in as an administrator, submit articles, approve them, etc. When someone tries to create a new user account for themselves, they get this message:

User ian created.
user id=4294967296
passwd=mailed to

Once you receive your password, you can log in and set your account up ian was not found. No Password mailed.

I don't really understand all of the datastructures and code, but it doesn't look like any entries with UID=4294967296 were created in the database (at least in tables: users, users_info, etc)."

Off the top of my head I am wondering if you are using MySQL 3.23 and have inserted a uid that has a -1. I can't remember what number it will try to come back with if you do this...


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