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Title    Backend Content Sydication
Date    Saturday December 29 2001, @07:27AM
Author    Krow

You may or may not be interested in this, but I suppose that's ok as it is up to you what to post.

As many probably know, slash supports content sydication via RSS/RDF. This feature is usually used by other sites to exchange headlines and help generate traffic. However, this information can also be very useful to individuals who like to be able to keep tabs on their favorite sites. I recently launched a site,, that allows users to arrange, organize and scan through content from other sites, largely via RSS/RDF. This is essentially an invitation for all of you using slash to register your site/content so that it can become part of the system. The userbase is growing at a rather steady rate, so not only will you be exposing your site to new users, but also allowing your existing users to easily grab your content. Give it a look.


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