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Title    Slash + CSS
Date    Tuesday September 06 2005, @09:43AM
Author    vroom

We've been working for some time now on getting Slash to utilize CSS and also updating it's old crufty HTML while we're at it. We've moved Slash to HTML Strict 4.01. and are currently running on this code. You can take a look at the markup, or log in and take a look around.

If you'd like to see what Slashdot might look like you can activate the Slashdot stylesheet on in Firefox by choosing View > Page Style > Slashdot. I'm sure you can do the same thing with other browsers but you're on your own for the specifics of how to do so.

If you're a developer feel free to install a test site and play around with the new code. It's currently available as the freshest code in CVS.

$cvs login
CVS password: (hit return, there is no password)
$ cvs co

Note we only suggest you use this on a test site. The code is still in being actively developed and changed.

For live sites you'll want to stick to using tags. The latest non-css tag is T_2_5_0_76.

Instructions for grabbing T_2_5_0_76:

$cvs login
CVS password: (hit return, there is no password)
$ cvs co -r
T_2_5_0_76 slash

Light mode is now just handled by css. It will probably still see some further refinement, however we appreciate any feedback on that, handheld support and similar things.

We hope this goes a long way towards making Slash more easily customizable from a design standpoint, and welcome any feedback you might have.

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