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Title    New R_ tag: 151
Date    Wednesday May 12 2004, @10:43AM
Author    jamiemccarthy

Last night we sprinkled a trace amount of holy penguin pee on the CVS tag T_2_3_0_151 and pronounced it to also be our latest R_ tag, R_2_3_0_151. This is the latest R_ tag since _113, which was many weeks ago. (If you missed the memo, "T" is for testing and "R" is for releases. We still haven't dubbed anything "Slash 2.3.0" yet, but that's mostly because we're lazy.)

We feel pretty good about the stability of _151, it's been running on Slashdot for a couple of weeks and there are no real problems.

The big change, committed shortly after _151, is the switch from to for authentication and related operations. That seems to be working but it hasn't been tested enough to merit an R_ yet. In fact, this may be the last R_ tag that we do for a while, since there are big changes that will be committed in the weeks to come which will put the damper on R'ing.

Here's the CVS tree if you want to browse, and here are the instructions to download:

$ cvs  slashcode login
CVS password: (hit return, there is no password)
$ cvs  slashcode co slash
(much activity)
$ cd slash
$ cvs update -r R_2_3_0_151 -dP


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