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Title    A Patch for Slashcode and Apache 2.0
Date    Tuesday February 24 2004, @11:04AM
Author    Cliff

Feather^2 writes: "Here is my patch to make Slashcode work under Apache 2+mod_perl 1.99. Lots and lots of little changes were neccessary, mostly focusing on the differenecs between mod_perl v1 and mod_perl v2 module configuration, environmnet variables, and POST data. The Hempology 101 Website has been running for over two months on this code with no problems, so I thought it was time to share it with the world. :)" Please note that Apache2+mod_perl is still not quite ready for prime_time, but if you are interested in playing around with the combination, I'm sure others would be interested in hearing your experiences.


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  2. "Hempology 101 Website" -

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