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Title    Mozilla sidebar
Date    Friday October 18 2002, @02:20PM
Author    Krow

I've built something that I think was sorely lacking on Slashdot: a Mozilla sidebar. It's pretty cool, if I may toot my own horn:

The headlines and info comes from the XML feed. The icons are grabbed from Slashdot as needed, resized, PNG-ed, and stored locally.

Now, the sidebar is *NOT* available to the entire world, so don't go posting that URL everywhere (I've taken off the link to load the sidebar). That server isn't designed to handle huge loads.

However, I've had an email convo with Rob Malda where I said I'm happy to share the source code so that Slashdot could provide this service directly from their site.

His response was:

If you ported that to Slashcode ( I'm almost certain it would be live on Slashdot a week or 2 later. The only thing you'd have to make certain is that the page itself was a static piece of HTML and regenerated every 30 minutes, so millions of sidebar loads wouldn't kill us.

Very cool tho. I've seen several attempts to make a good sidebar, but thats the first that looks good.

So ... that's why I'm posting here. I don't know the first thing about slashcode. My code is written using PHP to parse the XML feed and format the output, with a few calls to the ppm image functions to resize the icons.

Is there somebody here who would be interested in helping me port my code to slashcode? I suppose, once it is ported, it would be an additional server for not only Slashdot, but any site that uses the same code ... which is pretty cool.


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