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Title    Dealing with Formkey Problems?
Date    Friday February 20 2004, @01:43PM
Author    Cliff

ecsd asks: "If I log in as a normal user and 'create discussion', then when I post the initial article for the discussion I get 'Error: Invalid Form Key xxxxxxxxxx' with a message saying to report the error to SourceForge. I saw there was a variable for 'lenientkey' or such for the site and had already set it to 1 (more lenient?). The error occurs with the unprivileged user, whether from the same subnet or not. I haven't tried posting a discussion-opening post as an admin. How can I ensure I have formkeys set up properly, and how can I diagnose why the errors occur?" Having problems with Formkeys? Then this is the discussion for you. Share your problems, and any solutions you may have used for getting everything working again. I do understand that Formkeys are somewhat of a problem, so I am hoping that those of you who have already gone through the hassle of getting them to work will share your experiences.

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