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Title    Installing Slash as a Site Subdirectory
Date    Monday February 23 2004, @08:07AM
Author    Cliff

subdomain-less asks: "Hi, I run this site, and want to run Slash in, since I have no control of DNS to creat I can't see a way in slash install procedure to acomplish this. I've tried to do:

Alias /forum /usr/local/slash/...
However that doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?" There is a way to make it work, but it's not an easy procedure. First off, you'll have to change a few variables, once your slash site is installed: absolutedir, basedir, imagedir, rdfimg, and rootdir. Secondly there may be problems in some of the handlers, most notably Slash::Apache::ImageHandler, Slash::Apache::User::userdir_handler, and Slash::Apache::User::handler. A patch to fix these problems may be forthcoming, but it might take a while.


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