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Title    slash 2.0.0-pre3 Released
Date    Wednesday April 25 2001, @04:45PM
Author    pudge

Sorry to all of you who just downloaded 2.0.0-pre2; thanks to all of you who helped us crush the bugs in that release! There were some bad ones (nothing major, just enough to make the site not work ... ) so we decided to do one more prerelease. This fixed syntax errors, bad method calls, and (hopefully) the Makefile for FreeBSD.

So again, we hope to release 2.0.0 next week. Check this out, let us know what breaks by submitting bugs on SourceForge, and we'll do this. Download the latest via FTP or HTTP, and read the change log below.

slash-2.0.0-pre3, 2001.04.25

*       Fixed syntax error in, removed unused getArticle()

*       Fixed bad method calls in Slash::DB::Static::MySQL

*       Fixed broken bulk mail calls in dailyStuff

*       Fixed colors not displaying after save in color editor

*       Fixed story list times in

*       Added Even More upgrade information to INSTALL, regarding
        what templates to add/delete with each version

*       Makefile fixes


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