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Title    Slashdot's Recent Travails
Date    Thursday May 18 2000, @01:43PM
Author    pudge

blicero writes "Since the server upgrade, there have been all kinds of problems with /. Lots of downtime. Wired reporting that there was a DOS attack. pudge says that CmdrTaco will surely speak of the problems, and then silence. I just attempted to access the site and got an apache-generated "server error" page.

What's going on?"

Well, Slashdot has now posted various stories about it all. Read about The Slashdot DDoS: What Happened? and Introducing The New Slashdot Setup.

The basic story: we had some configuration problems with our new network and hardware, some of our hardware was not as up to the task as we thought it might be, and we were getting a major distributed denial of service attack. Our sysadmins, along with CaptTofu, pulled long hours for several days straight, and got it all fixed. 'Sall good now, yo.


  1. "The Slashdot DDoS: What Happened?" -
  2. "Introducing The New Slashdot Setup" -

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