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Title    Slash Getting Us in BIG Trouble?
Date    Tuesday June 05 2001, @07:03AM
Author    Krow

fmartini writes "Similar to the demise of the Univesity of Utah related slash-site, my former slashsite at cost me $16,000 in legal fees to defend myself against a lawsuit brought against me by The Ohio State University. Although the suit was focused on alleged cyberpiracy for using their trademark in a domain name, they didn't mind the site before it became an open discussion of their reading program. I'm wondering how many other slashers have been bitten by this freedom of speech fad. It's one thing to have the $$$ and clout to fend off threats from Microsoft. It's quite another to be one of the first little guy's on your block with a printing press.
Oh, and before I forget, OSU sucks!"


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