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posted by CaptTofu on 07:59 AM July 25th, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
ttyp0 writes "Although is a slash site focused on Purdue University students and the community, you may find the design and modifications interesting. After _many_ late nights of coding, our site is finally online and serving thousands of hits a day. A couple of the customizations include targeted advertising based on date/time, age and sex of vistor (collected when account is created), classifieds, current weather and movie listings... Check it out, and let me know what you think."
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  • Really nice! I love the layout! Great job!
  • I like the colorscheme. What hardware setup are you running on?
    lottadot []
  • Thanks. My experience is that the memory consumption is acutally better when there is heavy traffic (the stale MySQL processes die off quicker) When in development, Linux was using roughly 96%, today we are serving over 12k/hits a day, and memory usage is down to 60% (with a .09 average load) Hardware as follows:

    Redhat Linux, Dual PII-450, 512MB RAM, RAID-5, 45GB Ultra2 (IBM Ultrastar Drives) using the DPT SmartRAID V series controller, Intel Ethernet Express PRO.
  • Just wanted to say I was very impressed... a nice site, well laid out and not (yet another <g>) slashcode look alike :)

    Godo job!

  • Your site looks really great, I wish you a lot of happy users. I would like to make 2 comments of general interest (I hope :-):
      1. Integration of a mail tool to slash: Given the proportion of hacks that relate to posting by mail or administrating by mail, I believe this is a hot topic. Wouldn't it be a good idea to bundle / with a mailer and/or maillist manager ? Users, authors would have an address, redirected to their main address. This could make the "fake email" thing useful: