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posted by CaptTofu on 09:40 AM June 23rd, 2000   Printer-friendly   Email story
davidt writes "I am honored to say that my site (Morrissey-solo, news and forum for fans of singer Morrissey), which has been running since Feb. 1997 has made a full-scale Slashcode conversion.

For the most part it was a perfect fit -- I had been using some hacked together code in the past year and a half which slightly resembled the Slash format, so it was always sort of in the plan. Finally I get to work with the real thing.

Perhaps because most of my visitors are extremely non-technical and opposed to change, the initial reception was mixed. I did several minor tweaks (which were fairly simple to do) and had to do some 'hand-holding'. With a little time I'm sure people will see the benefits and potential of using the Slash code."
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