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Still too stunned to put a subject here

posted by acs on 05:40 AM September 13th, 2001   Printer-friendly   Email story
DarkMoon writes "yet another slash site: Running Bender 2.0, no special mods (yet)." Financial news under slash. Good design, good icons and interesting news. Give it a try!
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  • by Anonymous Coward
    Their "About" section still claims to be slashcode. Nice plug, but still....
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The site is still under construction, thats why I did not submitt earlier, I had stoped working on it for awhile, because of more pressing matters in my business and family life. Corp. the company that uses as their corporate website, is the company that did fund us (Jones Unlimited, Inc.).

    When the attack hit the site was not fully functional cause it was still in the process of being ported from Bender pre 2.0 to the release version, so basically I was working on the site while scouting for news and as you can see the comments sections HTML is broken since it still pushes it to the right, and the time on the machine it is running on is way off as well.

    I guess I made the mistake of burning myself out in the first 24 hours after the attack I was already very, very burned out from all the shit we went trough in the last 10 months, actually more like since May 2000. I thought I could keep a steady news stream flowing, specially since I speak 3 languages, it would have been nice to reflect the internationalization of the net with news during this crisis, but after I crashed in the first 24 hours I would get migraines just looking at my computer.

    Since this is a financial related site, I decided to rest instead of forcing myself to continue and be refreshed to when the US Markets open on monday, cause thats when the "real fun" is gonna start.

    I got a draft for an About section, which I will set up when I feel like it.

    I've got some pics taken by ppl in NYC, so they are not "syndicated" pix, which I will post soon, prolly tomorrow along with a rundown of news from around the globe, or at least stuff thats gets published in the languages I speak.

    Am I the only one that belives that after this the world will never be the same?

    - DarkMoon -

    PS:Actually come to think off it, I really don't get your comment...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    BTW, I should give some credit to my wife Tisa "FAD" Kotowski who did the design fot, along with the designs for: , , (offline) and other sites still under construction.

    If everythig else fails, well we got a hell of a expirience with slash (about 10 sites in total).