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Democracy Now!

posted by Krow on 12:06 PM May 22nd, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Democracy Now! a U.S. based morning TV and radio news program launched it new site, based on a heavily modified cvs version of slash. (Hacked together and hosted by openflows.)
As they become more comfortable with the system, and people on staff there get the hang of how slash works, we hope to add in the more community/interactive features of slash. For now it is simply a content management system, in the future it will become much more.

In just the first few days the traffic and audience response has been overwhelming.
stats from the second day the site was live:
IPIDs     Pages
11193   55190

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  • Wow, how much patch is there? Looks very different from the slashcode theme.

    I used to think that sites built with slash tend to look the same: stories, fancyboxes, etc. Now I changed my view.
  • we've been influenced quite a bit by pty's xhtml and css slash theme [] and so we used css quite a bit in helping to make look as it does.

    though to be honest, it's quite easy to change only a few templates and create a totally unique and non-slashcode site.

    edit the templates: dispStory, header, index, titlebar, fancybox, storylink, and dispComment and right there you can make a huge difference.