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posted by Krow on 03:20 PM January 7th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
DevChannel is the central news and reference resource for developers interested in core technology topics. With original feature articles and interviews, daily news updates, access to SourceForge projects, Freshmeat downloads, and Slashdot discussions, DevChannel opens a channel of communication to developers, organized by topics that matter.
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  • I've gotta say, this site has a great look. To the uninformed, you might not even realize it was running Slashcode. Congrats!

    -- [], proudly running Slash since 1/28/2002.

  • Any chance someone who did the site (krow?) could comment on:

    1. the use of topics, sections and subsections?

          The site seems like there was definite forthought regarding the layout and structure of the tid, sec's and subsecs. What was the thought process for the layout?

    2. the subdomains - they are all equating to sections correct? exactly how did you do that, with mod_redirect or something?

    3. It looks as though the slashboxes were ripped from the front index template, and then each section has it's own index template. Which is showing the top X stories as news, with a featured article in the middle.

    Well, I take that back. It lists the top X stories titles at the top, then a featuer, then the stories w/ story_info for a more detailed listing.

    I couldn't figure out where the guided opinion stuff is coming from - a plugin? Looks like it'll take you to a section, really.

    4. CSS. I also saw the CSS in the html. It didn't look as if all the templates had been re-done in CSS, but it's definitely being used.

    Someone else posted that this was a much different look for a site that's slash based. I really have to agree with that. This is a pretty good demonstration how the backend can be used to put up an entirly different looking slash-ish site.

    lottadot []
    • I was one of the people who worked on it, but the actual HTML design was done by Wes Moran.

      1) The thought process involved a number of decisions including how to pin point data in the site. There are four master collections of contained sections for the site with topics that are specific (and others global) to each section. Topics are used for ads decisions so we put a lot of thought in this.

      2) Nope, that is a feature in the latest code, works the same way for slashdot. Sections can now be forced through domains (which is the simple way of doing it).

      3) You are looking at Slash::Page which is a plugin that allows more control over the frontpage (you can move around slashboxes and such). Its widgets can actually be used from any template. We designed it for graphic artists like Wes so they can control more of the look and feel without having to talk to a programmer. Guided opinion is a subsection header (a newer feature I might add).

      4) I hope not too much CSS :) If you ever look at the sourceforge foundries you will see a lot more CSS for a slash site.

      If you think this looks cool, just wait till you see some of the other sites that we have coming on-line :)

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • >Sections can now be forced through

        Ack, I forgot about that.

        >You are looking at Slash::Page

        Checkout this mod to Slash::Page's main template: [] :)

        >I hope not too much CSS

        Aw, you can never have *too much* CSS!! heh

        >just wait till you see


        lottadot []
        • Are you going to change for in your sections table to make that as your frontpage?

          I am thinking that in the future we won't use for other slash sites at OSDN. It doesn't have the flexibilitly that we have with Page.

          We also make use of template pages (which I have never seen another site do).

          You can't grep a dead tree.
          • Did you see the mod on that page in the previous comment's link? check it out if you have a second :)

            I hadn't ever before looked at the Page plugin. But now that I have, I am considering using it as the front page for one of my sites. I'll have to experiment more with it.

            Template pages? huh?

            lottadot []
            • What mod? Everything I see I can make a guess on how I could do it directly with Page :)

              I pointed this thread out to Wes, maybe he will share some of his templates. He has done a lot with doing multiple story columns and just title lists. Is that your calendar plugin doing the event list at the top of the page?

              Look at Slash::Apache::TemplatePages, and I think I once wrote an article here on how to use them. You can basically create templates that appear as pages without having .pl scripts. To be honest, you can do pretty much everything as a template page at this point.

              You can't grep a dead tree.
              • the mod was the calendar area having the small calendar! if that test site had any events it would list them underneath that calendar... so yes, that's the mod :)

                that would be cool if he's willing to share some of what he's done/experimented with.

                now i'll have to do some reading...
                lottadot []