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  • by mwmurphy (4617) on Wednesday December 11 2002, @04:35AM (#5475)
    It would be great if this could be updated. It's like nails on a chalkboard... Either I ran out of space for the title, or I'm on crack...likely both.
  • by mwmurphy (4617) on Wednesday December 11 2002, @09:57PM (#5479)
    The file is ready for syndication. If you think your readers are interested in getting losing weight and staying in shape then try it out as a slashbox and see what they think. We post between 5 and 10 new articles daily. Also, I'd like to know how people have fared with syndicating their own news feeds. Any advice? I'm all ears.
    • Publicity by kill-hup (Score:1) Sunday December 15 2002, @02:50PM
      • Re:Publicity by mwmurphy (Score:1) Monday December 16 2002, @11:36PM