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  • by 5pm (4854) on Saturday May 24 2003, @10:14AM (#6034) Journal
    Wow, how much patch is there? Looks very different from the slashcode theme.

    I used to think that sites built with slash tend to look the same: stories, fancyboxes, etc. Now I changed my view.
  • by laotan (203) on Monday May 26 2003, @04:06PM (#6037) Homepage Journal
    we've been influenced quite a bit by pty's xhtml and css slash theme [] and so we used css quite a bit in helping to make look as it does.

    though to be honest, it's quite easy to change only a few templates and create a totally unique and non-slashcode site.

    edit the templates: dispStory, header, index, titlebar, fancybox, storylink, and dispComment and right there you can make a huge difference.