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  • How did you do the "Thursday February 20" story at the top?

    Is it just a story that you keep at the top via the 'fast forward' checkbox in the story editor?

    For a second I thought maybe you had used the page plugin for the index page, but then I looked at the html src and it's index;index so it's the normal generating it.

    Interesting, too, that you're using the word count code to put '74 words in story' with each story link. I wonder if the count really matters to potential readers or not.

    It looks like the Events plugin is working nicely too. Is that what you had in mind, 2 years ago, when you originally mentioned need need for a calendar plugin on irc? I'm curious because that plugin and my calendar/events plugin ended up quite different.

    lottadot []
    • by Krow (986) on Thursday February 20 2003, @12:38PM (#5756) Homepage Journal
      There is just code at the top of the template for the index page that grabs an event object and displays one of its templates.

      Nope, the data you see there is generated from a table that tracks dates (and the dates can be selected from

      Its not page, this was done before page existed.

      You know I don't think it matters. I really prefer the links that we use on I have been meaning for a long time to switch to using those templates.

      Nope, not at all what I had in mind two years ago (yours does a much better job of that). Mainly friends of mine run the site and they wanted something simple to just say "what and when" at the top of the page. I wrote it in a couple of days. It still has issues though, some of which I need to fix. I would love to have it so that you could walk through the calendar to the left of the page and it doesn't completely do the timezone correctly. We do use this on other sites BTW.

      One of these days I want to get around to installing your plugin and playing with it on Slashcode. I did use it for a little on one OSDN project but the need for it hasn't come up recently.

      BTW On my active plate is the guts for a new API to store and manange images/pdf's/whatever inside of a slashsite and combine it with stories. I will also be writing a meta tag language for authors so they can do things like multipage documents in

      You can't grep a dead tree.
      • multipage.... drool.... :)

        That's excellent. Now that I can use.

        The API sounds great. I guess I don't understand why it's needed though. If you can set a story_param where name='pdf' an value='/pdfs/2003/02/somefilename.pdf' wouldn't that suffice?
        lottadot []
        • Well the question will be how to store the assets (that and you don't want getStory() dragging a pdf out of the DB everytime we select the story).

          You can't grep a dead tree.