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Yet Another Security Site

posted by Krow on 12:03 PM May 26th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
YASS should probably stand for "Yet another Security Site" LOL. I've been playing around with slash for about a week now, and finally have the beginnings of a site running. Feel free to pop in, drop some comments, break stuff and generally see what goes. The more participation I see, the more work I'll put into making it a nice site. A good name might help... now there's an idea for a poll.

Democracy Now!

posted by Krow on 12:06 PM May 22nd, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Democracy Now! a U.S. based morning TV and radio news program launched it new site, based on a heavily modified cvs version of slash. (Hacked together and hosted by openflows.)
As they become more comfortable with the system, and people on staff there get the hang of how slash works, we hope to add in the more community/interactive features of slash. For now it is simply a content management system, in the future it will become much more.

In just the first few days the traffic and audience response has been overwhelming.
stats from the second day the site was live:
IPIDs     Pages
11193   55190


posted by Krow on 11:01 AM May 5th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
The Power Vacuum[] is a news site with a definite anti-liberal slant to it. Providing both domestic and international News analysis, and explaining why US liberals are wrong! We encourage liberal counter-analysis from members in addition to our conservative counterparts.

This site is hosted by Vlad and the wonderful crew at LRSE Hosting.

launch of slash site ""

posted by Krow on 04:32 PM April 18th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Announcing the opening of The site is meant to be a chronicle of idiotic and deceptive "security" measures. From the "three questions" that the airlines finally stopped asking to the closing of Meigs Airport in Chicago supposedly for security reasons, we want YOUR gripes about security measures that are just plain dumb!

I'd welcome submissions (the stupider the better!), comments, complaints, and praise!

Vorlonspace Is Back

posted by Krow on 11:15 PM April 7th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Announced back in October last year, Vorlonspace was launched as a Babylon 5 discussions site. In late January, the site went down and was taken off the YASS list. It is now back up and the premise has changed from Babylon 5 to a general sci-fi discussion site which has generated more interest., Asian and Asian American topics

posted by Krow on 01:00 PM March 24th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Hi everyone - We've just launched a slash site on Asian and Asian American topics called Thanks so much for the software and the inspiration. We're pretty nervous about whether this can take off or will just linger in some obscure corner of the web, so if you are interested in the community we're trying to create, please help us by telling other people who might also be interested in our site! We acknowledge our direct inspiration from slash in our mission statement. Cheers everyone from the people at!

Cluster Rant

posted by Krow on 06:03 PM March 21st, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Yet another slash site for Beowulf/HPC cluster users. Check out Cluster Rant if you are interested.
deadline - Your Daily Political Roller Coaster

posted by Krow on 05:19 PM March 10th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
Without further ado, here are the fruit of my last 12 weekends. The site runs on 2.6.6 and I probably won't touch it until there is a more decent upgrade strategy. Let me know if you like it and if you're interested in politics, please don't be shy and post a story when you run into something outrageous (which is easy these days).


posted by Krow on 01:40 PM March 6th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
It took 6 years to update my code after I handed rob the set of perl code I hacked out to run my site, but finally I changed over to running slash. I'm still working on bringing over the last of the content from the old site, and still tweaking everything (I still have the default slash color scheme) but it looks pretty good so far.


posted by Krow on 02:26 AM February 20th, 2003   Printer-friendly   Email story
ExploitSeattle is your daily dose of events occuring in the Emerald City. Its run by a horde of rain soaked Seattlites who's quest to relieve boredom and promote cool stuff(TM) caused them to create a site to list their hip and not so hip events.
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